Supernait 2 issue

Crackling and popping noises coming from the SN2 this morning after being fine last night. Only in one channel as I have checked it out with a set of other speakers and changed those I use around. I fear this is a repair, I have checked all connections but clearly something has gone wrong over night.
Would welcome any suggestions though.

That sounds like some component within may have gone south - @NeilS may have a more accurate idea here.

Just what I suspected.

Faulty transistor?

Gain transistors are the prime suspect, especially if it still does it with the volume at minimum.


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Yes, already been to dealers in Nottingham to see about returning this for repair /service but I see no point in doing this until the new year bearing in mind your Christmas close down.

This is when you need a handy little Nait 2 (or similar) hiding in a cupboard somewhere around the house, waiting for its chance to save the day. (Think of it as an audio equivalent of the spare tyre in the boot of your car,)

Sorry! That probably doesn’t help much if you don’t have one.

Spot on, it does it with the volume turned off, but not when on mute.

Great idea but I don’t have anything suitable to fill in. I will just get something to use as a stand by machine for future eventualities.

Have you cranked the volume control up and down a dozen or so times? Could be a spec of dirt/oxidation on the resistor trace on one channel.

Yes tried that, fear it has to be sent in for repair but I will wait until after Christmas.

Returned to dealer today, being returned for repair.

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