Supernait 2 no sound on left channel

Hi all, my first post on this forum.
I have a Supernait 2 and the left channel just went quiet on all inputs apart from the AV input with AV bypass on. So the power amp section seems good.
Next I checked with headphones, and even that is perfect, so the selectors, volume, balance, and probably preamp section seems to be good.
Somewhere between the pre and power section seems to be something wrong.

Perhaps I should mention that I live in South Africa, so not that easy to send it back to Naim. I contacted the agents, and they told me that they gave up the agency 2 years ago, and no new agent has been appointed in South Africa since.

Anyone experienced similar issues with Naim integrated amplifiers before? Could it be something simple and easy to fix?

Thank you

@NeilS may have an idea. However, your best bet would be to contact Naim service for advice -

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Might not make any difference, but you could try removing and then reseating the link plug on the back panel.

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Not exactly the same but have a SN3 that loses the left channel only from my non naim streamer. I haven’t worked out the sequence that causes it but I disconnect the cables at both ends from streamer to amp and power both off (and hicap dr) and leave for 15 mins, plug all back in and all ok till it next randomly happens.

If I plug the streamer in to another input without doing all the above it works fine.

Audioquest interconnects on the streamer, only mention just in case any similarity.

Also unplug all power cables.


If you have checked the other inputs using different sources & cables then unfortunately it sounds like it may have one of the dodgy relays. These sit between the output of the preamp & the power amp, hence why the headphone socket still works ok.
The AV bypass circuit uses a different set of relays.
I can’t elaborate on how to diagnose the issue further (cover off style), as I’ll breach the rules, but I think you’ve gone as far as an end user can go on that front.
The relays tend to have two failure modes - open circuit coil, in which case it’s game over. Or sticky reed - if this is the case, multiple power cycles or selecting/deselecting mute from the front panel may just bring it back to life. This would only be a temporary fix until you can organise a repair though.


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Exact same problem with a customer’s SN-2 recently - LH channel down, but headphones Ok.

SN-2 arrived back yesterday and a failed relay was the cause, i.e. as suggested by NeilS.


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Hi All,
Thank you for the feedback thus far, it’s been 11 days since I posted the issue, and the responses has been very helpful.
I have to say at this stage I’m sitting with my hands in my hair. I contacted Naim support as suggested by Richard, but apart from a acknowledgement that my query has been registered, no feedback yet.
I contacted the local “agents”, but they just said they are no longer the agents and don’t offer support anymore. The unit is just over 3 years old.

It seems such a simple fault, but no one can support :unamused:.

Volco dot co dot za?

What’s your ticket number?

Robert, yes I contacted Volco. They told me they give up the agency two years ago, and no new agent has been appointed yet.

Hi Richard, the ticket number is 108909

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