Supernait 2 speaker hum

I have just hooked up a Supernait 2 to replace a 122x/150x. The source (yes need to upgrade) is Sonos port via Chord Clearway COAX to Arcam rDAC via Chord Clearway RCA-DIN to the amp.

On the old system this worked fine. On the Supernait 2 I’m getting a loud hum/buzz through speakers, which changes with the volume dial. Everything is plugged into the same power strip.

I have tried a few other cables, and different sockets and taken the DAC out of the chain. All have made no difference.

I have also tried a cheap ground loop isolator which also made no difference.

What could be the problem?


Is the rDAC the only source connected to the SN2 ? If so, a wire between the SN2 ground terminal and mains earth should fix the hum.

Hi James. When you say “mains earth” do you mean a socket? As in, a connection from the Supernait to a plug with only an earth wire (yellow/green)?

Yes, that’s it.

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