Supernait 2 with HiCap DR vs 3

I just recently got my SN 2… it sounds wonderful. I have zero need of a phono stage so SN3 isn’t a must for me. I was wondering how a SN2 with a HiCap DR would compare to a SN3… Anyone want to offer an opinion?

So has anyone heard the SN3 & compared it to a SN2+HiCap ???
… The SN3 is not due to ship until late July, more likely August

Oops my bad. I thought you fellows might have already heard it.

It’s a good question, and one I’ve wondered about, being in the same situation.

The Ear review compares the SN2 against the SN3, but not with the Hicap DR.

Best to try a hicap dr with SN2 before you buy as some love the hicap dr others like me prefer the SN2 on it’s own. I think it’s quite a system / room / ears dependent thing.

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Rick, very few have had the chance to hear a preview of the Supernait 3 prototype yet, let alone a proper demo of a production unit. On the Ear website, Jason Kennedy gives a brief taste of what he heard during a recent preview demo. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait until the Supernait 3 starts shipping around late July/August.

However, as you are a current Supernait 2 owner, I would just sit back and enjoy what you have - it’s a very, very fine integrated amp!


As others have said the SN3 isn’t out yet so who knows?

However, having compared the SN1 with HiCap (and DR HiCap) against the SN2 both with and without a DR HiCap I would expect only a small incremental improvement as you move up along the series. It certainly wasn’t enough to make me want to trade in my SN1.

The big jump comes when moving to the NAC282/HiCap/NAP250DR (which I have now done and it’s absolutely splendid) - but of course that’s considerably more expensive with more boxes.

All of which is another way of me saying that based on my experience to date if I already had a SN2 (or even SN1 for that matter) I’d just enjoy what I had (as it’s very good!) and I’d not obsess about what I was missing from the SN3 as it’s likely not much.


Absolutely John, seems like we’ve both come to the same conclusions.
The only difference is my Supernait is playing with its favourite cuddly toy PSU, the HC gave it a tubby sound to the lower mid


That’s an interesting perspective and I suppose could also apply further back down the chain. I have an Atom and am thinking about SN3 and ND5 XS 2 (or even NDX2)… but the sound of the Atom is great and I could happily live with it, and so holding off for a year or two, then maybe a jump to 282/HC/250 and NDX2 is the cheaper/better play for the long term? I would expect that to be the end point. Need to get more listening done, if I can find a tolerant dealer.

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Rick, one thing to consider is that you mentioned that you recently got your SN2 and therefore it may not have reached its optimum performance yet. I know when I first got mine it sounded great from the off, but it definitely improved as the months passed by. In my view, adding a Hi-Cap is definitely worth trying at some point but don’t rush into it so soon after acquiring the SN2.

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Good advice Geoff IMHO.

What I found was that a SuperNait 1 with HiCap DR was more detailed and darker but lost a little ‘boogie’ compared to being fed by the standard HiCap. A bare SN2 sounded similar to a SN1 with DR HiCap. A SN2 with DR Hicap brought both the improved detail and brought the boogie back.

So always do the dem first to find out for yourself. It’s a lovely feeling to come away knowing that you didn’t need to spend the money!

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Having a NDX/Supernait2 with a HicapDR myself adding the HicapDR was a substantial improvement and not subtle. Some don’t like what it brings but what it brings is very obvious and certainly a must listen for yourself. Obviously no one has heard the 3 yet but the wording suggests improvements to the amp section of the 3 and the HicapDR is adding improvement to the preamp sections.

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Thanks Popeye… I’ve just upgraded my Streamer and USB cable… Auralic G1, and Audience Front Row USB. I need to recoup a bit but HiCap DR is in my sights!

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