Supernait 3 fault

It seems you can be lucky and get a really good one and then they’re excellent


There should not be a single failure considering the price what we are paying, I once saw the interview of the manager from Accuphase (Still on YouTube) He said if one unit fails at customer they consider as 100% failure. I totally agree as how much time it takes for the turnaround for the replacement or the repair if you are outside UK.


I wished I had a really good one. I wouldnt recommend the supernait 3 based on my current unit simply due to the imbalance. This is not an imbalance due to volume that can easily be fixed with balance knob. Right channel simply sounds a lot less present. But I assume based on the failure that there was something amiss with the preamplifier to begin with. Hopefully it could all go away with this fix.

It is very concerning that you mention (in another thread) that naim themselves couldnt identify the imbalance when you sent it back to them though. Seems like it does not show up on measurment devices?

presumably you have swopped over speaker cables to rule out other possible causes?

Yup, even swapped the speakers themselves over to rule out faulty speakers.

ok sounds similar to the way mine was so. yes mine came back from relay repair with unchanged balance issue despite me highlighting it, my current amp is a late 2023 build so maybe they got their act together later on more recent models, all you can do is send it back to Naim, swallow the cost if its out of warranty and tell them you want it sorted properly, disappointing I know

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I see, if this is still unfixed I will be moving to olive/chrome bumper as I have an olive 250 with olive hicap. Although I am tempted to switch to another brand entirely. Would it be against the forum rules to ask for recommendations brands that sound similar to naim?

where are you based and do you have a local naim dealer?

South east asia. I have access to almost all the major brands (albeit at a price). Naim repairs are very costly and I am not willing to play the game like you did. Currently Linn is on my radar as well as exposure.

Do you think they may have caught Covid?