Supernait 3 fault

Hello guys

Just today i heard a loud bang and then high pitch whine from my speakers. I quickly turned the supernait 3 off. When I went back to turn it on, I could see the mute button flashing and the same high pitch whine coming back. I turned the supernait off again.

I disconnected the speakers and then turn the supernait 3 on once more, mute button flashing. This should indicate link plug disconnected but it is not disconnected. I hold down mute and then it blinking stops. Now my supernait 3 is stuck in this power amp mode where there are no lights except for the naim logo. Can anyone help?

One for @NeilS…?


Not one I’ve heard of/seen before, but it sounds like something nasty has happened to the preamp power supply stage.
Time for an RMA unfortunately.



Any chance it will damage my speakers…?

I think you should get in touch with your dealer and let them know what has happened so they can arrange to get your SN seen to by Naim. Only way to know re. Your speakers is to try them with a different amp.


Hello guys, quick update. I have opened the unit myself and took a look.
It seems the DR module for the pre amplifier is busted. The capacitor exploded. Can anyone shine some light on why this is?

Things can sometimes fail inexplicably. It’s why there’s a warranty. Carefully put back the cover and get in touch with your dealer so they can arrange for a repair.

Unfortunately this unit is out of warranty :frowning:

I guess that’s why you were OK to open it up. It still needs repair via your Naim dealer though.

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Just out of curiosity, how old is your SN3?

Its around 3 years old. Well taken care of and not played at excessive volumes.

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should be covered by extended warranty if registered

Outside of the UK, not all distributors offer warranty extensions.

Best speak with your dealer and see what they can do.

Ok, bad luck.

Hello Hollow
I recall seeing your post on having 4 different faults with the supernait 3. May I know more about the faults and the causes?

My first one had very bad transformer hum and was returned, second one had a faulty output relay on right channel and was repaired under warranty, it then developed another fault with intermittent crackling from right channel, it also always had very bad channel imbalance. It was replaced by Naim and current one is perfect so far, sounds better too.

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That sounds horrible. My experience with the supernait 3 also has a weak right channel which I hope will be sorted out with the current repair. I wonder what is it with the right channel that consistently has an issue.

Any chance your faulty units were manufactured during 2020?

Is there any issue with right channel even my NC NAP 250 has issue with right channel, it’s dead but there is thump while switching ON and OFF however my SN3 is perfect apart from the balance knob which needs to set past 12 as when you fully rotate the knob either to the left or right there is inconsistency how it’s placed (do it yourself to know what I mean).

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2018, my current amp is faultless, no channel imbalance whatsoever, in fact you can turn the vol right down to almost inaudible and is equal left and right. It also sounds considerably better, it goes to show there are inconsistencies in build quality and /or components. Sadly my experience with Naim QC has been very poor, I wont bore you with the list but to be fair they did sort me out on each occasion which is the main thing


May 2021 Supernait 3 here no imbalance or channel noise “ touch wood “
I do use RCA throughout so not sure if that misses all the relay din nonsense.
Sounds great and is much bigger than the box. :heart_eyes: :+1:t2: