Supernait 3 headphone out

Can anyone tell me if the headphone output on the supernait 3 is of a good standard ? I will be using headphones in the evening in my listening room so just interested to hear your thoughts?

Do I need a separate headphone amp or is that overkill

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I found the one on the SN2 to be pretty good, but it spends to an extent how demanding the headphones are and the quality of your source. I have the HD800’s and ultimately have moved to a dedicated headphone amp now, and it’s significantly better than the SN2.

SN3 headphone out is very decent. But having tried a Headline (very good with a HiCapDR, quite a bit better with a SuperCap) I chanced upon a used Violectric HPA V200…beats all the above, quite soundly.

If I was stuck for cash, I’d be happy with either SN3 out, or for more ‘grunt’ - Headline.

But if you’ve heard the Violectrics, no way back.

Matches my experiences. I wound up with a Violectric V281.

First of all,I listen to music really loud when I use headphones.
Before purchasing the SN3 I used a Project Head Box SE for headphone audition.
When connected my headphones to the SN3 I was blown away.
Sound is very satisfying & gain is superb.
For my standards the SN3 headphone output is excellent.


That’s great to hear I’m getting carried away with spending a fortune on astsell &kern dap for listening on headphones and giving me a portable player

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