Supernait 3 / hicap / 300

I currently use a Supernait 3 with hicap into SBLs. Just purchased a 300 power amp. Yes I know it’s not the best way to go but for a temporary measure until I get a better pre. Can someone tell me how to connect using the Supernait as a pre.

A starter for 10

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You’ll need firstly to ensure everything is powered off.
Remove the link plug from the back of the Supernait if fitted, the Preamp Out Socket will connect to Socket 4 on the HiCap.
Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 19.50.36

My guess is that you’ll then connect Socket 3 on the HiCap using a split Y cable to then allow connection to each channel input on the NAP300.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 19.38.05
HiCap output to NAP

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 19.38.25

Two separate channel inputs on NAP300 split for Left and Right.

Now, I’m not sure if you can wire each output from the HiCap and use Socket 2 and Socket 3, but I’d guess you’d have to make sure the channels were wired appropriately if choosing to do so!

Thanks MrM. Seeing that the 300 is a mono am I correct to say I would go socket 2 and 3 from hicap to 300. If that’s right what one goes to left and right.

Our messages overlapped so maybe someone can advise me.

You would need diy din4 plugs with ch1 on one and ch2 on the other connected at the hicap end.

I’m sure others will chip in, I’ve only ever connected a NAP200 which is a single L/R input.
If you used output Socket 2 and output Socket 3 between the HiCap and the NAP300, you’d need to only wire the Left or Right Channel and -ve to each end.

-ve = Negative
NC = Not Connected
ch1 = Left
ch2 = Right

Socket 2 and 3 are wired the same way. Just make sure you have the green banded DIN4 to XLR cable to ch1 , red banded to ch2, on the 300.

Bingo Bango, yes, as long as the connectors are only wired through on the specific channels then you should only pass Left or Right Channels accordingly.

Thanks for your help. Now need to look out for a pre in the near future.

NAC 282 an obvious candidate as you’ve already got a HiCap (It needs at least one, can use two, and can also use 1/2 a Supercap in addition to the NAPSC)
If you aim for a NAC 252 that needs a Supercap to power it so would make the HiCap redundant and also removes the need for the NAPSC. Either would pair favourably with the NAP 300.
Not sure what speaker cable you’re using on the NAP 300 but may be worth sharing and letting folks comment on suitability. The benchmark for any Naim amp is their own NAC A5, Superlumina would be appropriate for a NAP 300 level of performance, others would pair favourably, some are almost certainly best avoided!

Using Witch Hat n3. Was probably looking at getting a supercap to replace hicap and then a 252. I know it’s a backwards way but got 300s for a good price.

I doubt you’re the first, nor the last, all good and part of the journey!

This might be a stupid thing to say but if I’m using the Supernait as a pre only and the hicap powers the preamp section does the Supernait need a mains cable connected.

Yes. You still need a mains cable connected to the SN3.

When I get supercap would I connect sockets 2 and 3 to 300 with supernait 3 pre section to socket 4.

If you get a Supercap (rather than the Hicap you mentioned before), then it’s socket 1 to the SN3 and sockets 3 and 4 to the 300

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Thanks James much appreciated.

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