Supernait 3 Input switching


i have a Supernait 3 and CD5XS. I have just added a ND5XS2 streamer. After some time, the SN3 switches back to the CD input, which is quite annoying and i have to manually get back to the streamer input eventhough the CD player has not been used in the meantime.

Everything is connected with DIN cables. Everything is on. The streamer auto-standby has been disabled in the Naim App.

I have seen that there is automatic input switching on the SN2 but the SN3 manual does not mention this function at all.

Anyone has an idea how to keep it from jumping back to the cd input?


I suggest you set up system automation between your streamer and amp. You’ll need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. There are various threads about this, which you will find via the search. It’s set up using the App and is really easy. The cable costs about £1.50 on eBay.

I actually have it enabled, however i thought this is only done to control the volume input and the inputs themselves through the Naim app?

Ok i think i got the hang of it, the streamer input has been linked to a preamp input which turned out to be the CD input. They were all unnamed so i had to cycle through them to find which is which.


That’s good. You can change the names of the inputs using the app, then you’ll know exactly which one is which.

Ok it seems it even switched automatically from CD to Stream input when i pressed play on Roon. That is quite good! Let s see how it behaves and if it stays on the Stream input.

I have also tried to press the prog button on the SN3 and it seems that the automatic input selection is still in there as on the SN2. However it is not clear how it interacts with the Automation function in the app.

I have no idea what the prog button does so can’t help on that.

You can enable / disable automatic switching for different input combinations. For instance if you push play for CD it automatically changes the input from whenever it was before to CD. There is an explanation in the Supernait 2 manual and i wonder why they do not mention it in the Supernait 3 manual.

However it only seems to work reliably if you stay within the Naim app, eventough sometimes it also seems to work from Roon.

Well i can live without it but - i am happy if the input stays where it is for the time beeing :wink:

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