Supernait 3 intermittent crackle

I’ve just noticed a low level intermittent cracking and rustling sound out of the right channel when no music playing, I’ve disconnected all sources etc but still there. Perhaps a capacitor on the way out? Anyone come across this?

Or a poor connection somewhere?

Try removing an re-fitting the link plug a few times (do this with the amp powered off).

Otherwise @NeilS may have a better idea here.

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No joy with that unfortunately

Crackling on Nap 250 was usually a sign a recap was needed.

What is the age of the SN3 - when was it last serviced…?

Surely can’t be more than 4 years old? Shouldn’t need a service any time soon I would have thought?

It’ll be due a service in or around 2032! They’ve only been available since 2019

Sorry I asked… :thinking:

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Just caused me to age as a Supernait 3 owner, thought I’d missed a newsflash :grinning:

Well it’s the fourth fault I’ve had with a SN3, it’s already been back to Naim with different issues and a previous faulty unit was replaced so not a great experience at all. Not sure I want it outside of warranty.

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Wow, that’s poor and not what you expect with a now 4K amp.

My dealer sorted me a new one to replace first one with the uncentered balance control.

I would say the most likely cause of this is a faulty transistor in the preamp gain stage - especially if you can still hear it with the volume at zero.


Thanks Neil, yes it’s there with volume at zero unfortunately

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