Supernait 3 internal MM and Prefix MC possible at same time?


I currently have a Supernait 1 with a Prefix phono attached to Aux 2. I would like to know if I move to a SUpernait 3 will I be able to continue using the Prefix into Aux 2 and also have another turntable connected to the Supernait 3’s MM phono stage? I would like to be bale to just switch inputs to play each turntable (not have to unplug, re-plug, power off etc!).

As the inputs marked ‘Phono’ were directly under the Aux 2 socket I had a hunch this might sadly not be possible?

Thx in advance for whoever knows the correct answer.

Yes you can.

You are right that the aux din socket is for powering a stageline or similar, whereas the rca input underneath feeds direct to the phono stage.

So you could connect turntable A to the din socket via your own powered Naim phono stage and use aux 2 selection.

And turntable B uses the SN3 mm built in phono stage via the rca sockets, and select phono.

These are different inputs.
See section 4.2

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I think where I was having doubt was that on the Supernait 1 the inputs are programmable.

Also as the AUX2 is above the phono input:

“NOTE: Where an input has a DIN and a phono socket option only one should be connected at any one time.”

I had some cause for doubt.

Very happy to hear it is not the case however and both can be used simultaneously.

Thats true for all the other inputs to the right on the back panel; these all have din sockets duplicated with rca sockets.

That is now apparent thx!

I am assuming that now the DAC is gone there is no need to also have the ability to program inputs to front buttons? If so I like the extra simplicity. Supernait 1 has been terrific but ready for a 3!

No there’s no input programming. Each front panel button corresponds with sockets at the back and that’s that.

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