Supernait 3 not respond

Hi ,
I probably didn’t wait long enough after turning off the device to change the plug wire, I turned it back on too soon. My mistake.
anyone know this problem? …
When I turn on the device the lights of the entrances scroll one after the other before remaining all on. The light on the balance button doesn’t work. Nothing works in fact.
The two buttons rotate automatically and continuously one after one left to the rigth…
Supernait 3 has to go to the service according to you?

Turn it off. Wait a few minutes. Turn it on again.

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Ok thank you :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s the same problem.
After 8 minutes off.

You’ve probably put it in soak mode; instructions here somewhere, think you hold mute button when switching on.

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You saw it right. I opened with the simultaneous mute and everything seems to work well now.
Thank you Robert🙂
thank you all!
more fear than harm

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