Supernait 3 - Not So Super?

Thank you for accepting. I am very happy that I joined the ranks of “Naim” :crazy_face: I feel that I can have the right with these power supplies and I will be able to safely rediscover the system in some time :grin:

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It’s no rush at all. Take your time. The SN3/NDX2 combo is fantastic as-is. Of note a hi-line interconnect between the NDX2 and SN3 is also a nice step up.

No, no… I’m not going to rush, for now I’m happy with what I have at the moment. Is fantastic :wink:

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Plus DR in the pre which the 202 does not have unless with a 200dr

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My experiences with SN3 have been mixed. I downsized from an Olive 82 Hicap 250 system , first example I had sounded superb when playing music but had very loud transformer hum that was so bad it was intrusive if the amp wasn’t being used to play music and if you put your hand on the top of the unit you could feel it vibrating. I was offered a repair or replacement, opted for a replacement which sounded very bright and harsh, it went back to Naim and they replaced the DR unit came back sounding a bit better but still not as good as the first. After that Naim did want to know, I sold it on and my dealer gave me a healthy discount on another brand new unit which performed well enough. I then got the upgrade itch and first added a HiCap DR , then 282 (that made the biggest difference really made me appreciate how good the ND5XS2 is) and finally a 250 DR. Still kept the SN3 as my dealer doesn’t do PX still hadnt got around to selling it when the Nait50 came out, was offered a great trade in deal from another dealer so thought I’d give it a go as a toe in the water as to what the NC electronics can offer at a reasonable price. I am just so impressed with the Nait , I do regret selling my Olive gear at the time I got more or less what I paid it when new 30 yrs ago which I thought was pretty good but given what I’ve since spent should have just got it serviced. The Nait50 reminds me of the Olive sound but with more clarity vocals in particular are really projected forward and the soundstage is wide and deep. In my view it is better than a SN3 but of course more limited in terms of inputs and no remote but I can live with that , I am in no rush to reconnect the separates