Supernait 3 - Phono issue

Morning all,

Recently added a NAP 250 DR to my set up, using the SN3 as a pre amp - which is great so far. I have however a slight issue when using my turntable via the phono input. There is a slight crackling noise coming from the right speaker (high end of the range) when playing. At first I thought the tweeter was blown on my speaker - however - switching to streamer and it goes away. I re used all same cables etc and all seems secure so I’m a little miffed as to what it is.

any ideas?


Have you tried SN3 on its own to eliminate a problem with the 250
And swapped left and right to see if it follows might just a dirty stylus.
Just thinking out loud. :thinking:


possibly yes - but as everything is fine on a different source seems unlikely, Will try it though - Thanks!

@Skeptikal thankyou - it was indeed a dirty stylus, was a piece of dust I couldn’t see. Good clean with soft brush sorted it - and all without me taking all the cabling out again



You’re most welcome and I’m glad that did the job.
ATB :+1:t2:

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