Supernait 3 - power amp only?

just a quick one.
is it possible to use the SN3 as power amp only?

Yes. Use the Power Amp In DIN4 socket.

connecting my pre amp into power am in?
great - thanks

You can also use av bypass mode.

you mean if I select av bypass on, the signal will go straight from cd to the power amp and the sn3 pre amp is disabled?

Yes, but I would be surprised if it gave you a better result than your (serviced?) NAP250.

the idea is connect my mixer via cd input straight to the power amp
the mixer acts like a pre amp

Kenwood Chef? :thinking:


the NAP250 was serviced aprx. 10 years ago
let`s see how it compares to the SN3 power amp

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kenwood Chef?
what does this mean?

I did a AV bypass test
now I am confused - the volume knob is still working
but should me disabled now - right?

The mixer may not be the ideal pre-amp mate for the Supernait power amp. In this case using the Av input with Av Bypass enabled (you’ll need to enable it through the AV Bypass switch) would be better. However, you could insert the mixer into the record loop AV IN/OUT or Stream IN/OUT so it can be switched in or out through the MONitor function. It all depends on what you want to do and whether using the mixer is something permanent, whether you’d like to route any source connected to the Supernait through it, or you’d like to be able to easily switch it in or out of the circuit.

interesting point - thanks
I will try the stream in out because only my denafrips is connected to the sn3
so if I listen through the dac I can use my remote (vol controll)
if I play vinyl I controll it with the mixer
sonds a perfect solution to me

I’m sorry. My poor attempt at humour.

In the UK a Kenwood Chef is a food mixer.

sorry but I was too slow and my english to bad too understand your comment

Yes, in the 1960s, Kenwood (Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd, Japan) introduced their HiFi equipment in the UK but could not use the name Kenwood as that trademark was owned (in the UK) by Kenwood Ltd kitchen appliances. Hence the brand name Trio

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