Supernait 3 power amp section vs NAP250DR

can someone answer to me if there is technically a big difference between the SN3 and NAP250DR amplifier components.
to me they look quite similar.
and also - looks like the NAP250DR is discontinued - is that correct?

to be clear - I know the SN3 is a int. AMP. I am curious about the amp section only.

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Hi and welcome back,

With a 282 or better the 250DR will be way better in all regards. And as far as I can see it’s still available.



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When you say they look quite similar do you mean the rated watts power?

Google for each box and look at internal images, then read the naim website. They appear to be vastly different?

250DR is not discontinued yet, the 200DR is.

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YES. There are big differences. There is a reason hat the power amp part of an SN3 weighs so much less. I don’t know how much of it is due to the transformer, but I do know that it is a considerably better amp.

NO. If they had discontinued it, I don’t believe it would be promoted on their website.

I think the commonest view of the upgrade ladder is: -
SN3 plus Hicap (good enough to permit 202/200 to be discontinued)
SN3 plus Hicap plus 282 - but only as a stepping-stone to
Hicap plus 282 plus 250DR.
Supercap plus 282 plus 250SR - but largely/ wholly as a stepping-stone to
Supercap plus 252 plus 250DR

As this suggests, most think that the power amp in the SN3 is less in need of an upgrade than the power-supply or pre-amp stage. However, it is a long way from being a 250DR.


thank you

please delete this comment

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I am an idiot, but grateful for your proof-reading. Now corrected.


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One of the most significant improvements in my all-Naim system was going from an SN2 to 272/250 DR. I use a CDS3 as a source; I would imagine the 272 preamp is equivalent to the SN2. The improvement was purely down to 250DR. The nearest power amp equivalent would be the Nap 200 in the Supernait series.

Are you looking to change to classic boxes? The Supernait 3 is a very well regarded amplifier and more than enough for many speakers.

How it would compare to your current NAC/NAP I’ve no idea but I’m sure others would help.

The Supernait3 is the latest (and many people think the best) version of Naim’s very good, and very highly regarded, integrated amplifier. You need source components to provide the sound input (typically, a CD player, a turntable, or a radio tuner), and a pair of loudspeakers to produce the music from the source components and amplifier.

The NAP250DR is the latest version of one of Naim’s best power amplifiers, producing two stereo 75 Watt (Left and Right) channels of music. To produce music you need the source components (as described in the paragraph above) and a preamplifier to process the (fairly tiny) music signal produced by the source components. Most Members of this Forum would choose a Naim preamplifier, and for most this would be the NAC252.

That’s a very brief intro. If you have additional questions, Members of this Forum will be only too happy to help.

Probably the best advice I can give you is that you should make an appointment with a Naim dealer, who will talk you through what Naim products can do to let you listen to your favourite music. You can find a list of Naim’s Authorised Dealers elsewhere on this site.

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I am just curious if there is really a significant difference between both of them.

it`s difficult to compare the information on the NAIM page.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that both amps are rated at 80W. The 250DR is a very different design, fully regulated, and uses DR regulators. It’s much more capable than the Supernait amp.


if you see only the datasheet of leaflet on the net the two products looks really similar, quite identical.
but if you check and compare pictures of the open boxes (google-images) , you will find the answer.

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Many here went from SN3 to SN3/ 282 then 282/250 or first with SN3/250 dr. No one complained.


The SN3 is an integrated amp and as such the pre and power are compromises of sorts. Expecting the SN3 to deliver the same slam as a 250DR is not realistic. The paper specs may look similar but they are not the same nor do they deliver the same performance. As you’d expect in a comparison of an integrated component and a separate.


When I had a SN2 and bought a 252, I used the SN2 as a power amp until I got the 250 DR. The 250 is in an entirely different league in terms of detail, dynamics and solidity, it’s not even close really.

The NAP 250 DR is a Naim classic for good reason.


Thanks for sharing all the comments.

In general the quality of the 250dr has to be much better, the price is higher and no preamp section.
And yes - I believe the 250DR is the much better power amp.
Anyway it`s difficult for me to understand why.

technically main differences:
009 Transistors
only the 250DR has the DR-Technology build in the power amp section
looks like the transformer of the 250DR is bigger - but both deliver 400VA
the 250 has a power button on the front :slight_smile:

knowing that it´s difficult to explain to customers why they should invest more than double the money if you consider to buy a preamp together with the 250dr.

thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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You can read details, and look at photos, to compare the NAP250 and the Supernait, but you will only understand the differences between them when you sit down and listen to them, which is what your dealer is for.


I owned an SN3 and when I auditioned the 250DR I didn’t think the improvement was worth the extra cost and went to the 300DR.
I would have been happy to have kept the SN3 rather than go 282/250DR.


I have both the SN3 and the 250DR in different systems

I can vouch that the 250DR is streets ahead of the SN3 and so it should be

All the measurements on paper don’t really mean much , need to get to a dealer and hear for one’s self