Supernait 3 Questions

Hi, a few Supernait 3 questions from a new SN3 owner:

  1. I want to use the SN3’s AV bypass function. Looks like the way you do this is select the AV input and flick a very small AV on/off switch at the back of the amp. That is a bit of a hassle for me because the amp will be in a hard to reach/see position. Luckily, there’s a note in the manual that says “inserting a headphone plug while AV Bypass mode is selected temporarily returns the SN3 to normal operation. Removing the plug will return the SN3 to AV Bypass mode.” Is there any downside to doing this? I assume it’s OK to leave the unit in bypass mode (with the rear switch in the on position), and then just toggle between AV bypass mode and regular mode by using a headphone plug. Any reason not to do this? Seems like a good solution by effectively enabling me to control this function from the front rather than the back.

  2. The SN3 comes with a Narcom 5 remote control. I don’t see a way to switch between functions using the remote - I don’t see an input selection key on the remote. Anyone know if there’s a way to select inputs using the remote?

  3. What is the “stream” input for? I will be connecting an external DAC via RCA, and assume it doesn’t matter which input I use (other than phono). (I will be streaming using a WiiM Mini that’s connected to the DAC using a Toslink cable.)

Many thanks!

Just press pre and the number of input 1-7
I don’t use AV
I just have an iPod in a dock for background music into my stream input.
Other than phono all are line inputs “ just remember what is what.” :+1:t2:

Why do you want to turn av bypass on and off? The point is you can connect an av amp to the supernait, and then drive front and left speakers using the supernait power amp, with volume control on the av amp.
When you switch off av bypass, you would now need to manage the av amp volume and the supernait volume.

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Thanks, I was less than clear. I don’t want to turn it on and off. The fact that there’s a switch on the back to activate AV bypass made me wonder if I needed to turn it off to be able to resume using the other inputs. The blurb about the headphone jack added to the confusion. Seems like I can just leave the switch in the on position permanently and toggle between sources without any trouble.

Yes that switch is literally just for the av input, it has no effect on anything else.

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