Supernait 3 Remote Control

Can anyone help me, just purchased a Supernait 3 and can not get the remote to work consistently.

  1. unable to change inputs, it worked last night but not today
  2. Mute works inconsistently
  3. Display sometimes will not switch off
    The positives is that the volume and balance always work. The manual is useless as it does not tell you how to work the remote.
    Any help gratefully received as I am a very frustrated new Naim owner

Firstly check for the line of sight to the SN3, as it’s an IR remote that needs to be directed towards the unit without anything blocking the signal.

You may need to press the PRE button on the remote. This puts it in preamp or amp mode.

If using a naim CD player, then press CD button to access full cd functions from remote.

You may have accidentally pressed one of the grey source buttons.


This was very helpful. I had the exact same problem. Pre button and voila! Enjoying the SN3.

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Pre Button always gets new users :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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