Supernait 3 & Sonus Faber Sonetto

Hello to everyone & wishes for happy holidays.
I am asking this question for a friends behalf:
Can the SN3 drive properly either the Sonus Faber Sonetto V or VIII???
How about synergy, has anyone auditioned the combination?
His room is about 40 square meters.
Which of the two would be the right choice?

Whilst not using a Supernait 3, the only time I’ve heard Naim with any Sonus Faber speakers, it sounded extremely good.
I believe in general, it’s a good combination but i am unfamiliar with the Sonetto.

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I have a SN3 driving a pair of Sonus Faber Olypica Nova II’s. (Rated 88db 4Ω)
I rarely get the volume control past 9:30 O’Clock, and I’m extremely happy with them.
I would think either of the Sonetto’s (Rated 90db 4Ω) would sound great, but always best to audition and figure out a floor plan for them - Both are larger than my ON II’s

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From an old thread: IainO

[Nov 13]

“If you are picking speakers for bass weight I’d say Sonus Faber Sonetto 3 are probably the wrong choice.

We run them on a 250DR and it’s not about the bass. Don’t get me wrong there is great bass present and it is very tight and articulate, but where these speakers excel is midrange, treble clarity and sound staging. They do work extremely well across a wide range of music.

At audition there are other speakers in the price range such as Spendor which do more bass but to our ears lost out to SF in every other area. We found the SF were the most enjoyable across all music genres which was an important consideration for us as the wife and I have a large and diverse music collection and fairly different tastes.

Bear in mind SF Sonetto 3 are 4ohm. We ran them on a SuperUniti for a while and the combination was very good. However the 250DR really makes these speakers sing. Much more controlled.“


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