Supernait 3 Sound Signature

Hi all,

So back in February, after lots of deliberation I treated myself to a supernait 3 and a NDX2. Unfortunately about two months ago I lost the left channel and had to send it back for a repair. The diagnosis of the fault was a “mute relay” which, although the product is new I do understand components can go faulty.

The reason why I’m here writing this is that during the repair time I had the dealerships demo supernait 3 at home while mine was being repaired. Once I got my amp back and started playing music I immediately noticed a difference in the sound between the two amplifiers. With mine, the tops are is crisper and more defined, but with the loan unit the base was deeper and more open. Can anybody tell me why this is? I actually prefer the top end of my amp but I miss the bottom end that I was getting with the loan amp.

I’m also unsure what to do next as I feel a little short changed, should I ask for the loan unit back and try do record the sound signature of both amps? This would mean buying a decent microphone and installing software I presume.

For the record the amps were in the same room with the same speakers and connections.

I’d appreciate any advise especially if any of you have witnessed similar.

Many thanks

Others better placed to answer but I wonder if your own amp is just taking a little time to warm up?


Thank you for your input.

I play the thing often and at good volume levels, I’d thought that it would have had plenty of time to bed in. Not sure if it need further bedding in after the repair?

Also not sure if I’d want to lose the top end if it’s “warmed up”?!

give it time - the bass will fill out


I think this is a conversation you should be having with your dealer. Perhaps you could take yours in and compare it with their demo amp. It could just be that theirs (or yours?!) has had more time to run in. They may even be happy to swap them if you prefer.

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Could it be the burn in process be at a different state in the units

Surely 4 months of relatively high usage should be enough of a time to “burn in”! and in any case should I lose top end when it has?! I agree though I will be contacting the dealer, just wondered if anybody else had experienced anything similar.


Yes, I would think 4 months was plenty (bracing myself for someone to pitch in and say it takes a year :crazy_face:)
How much use was on the demo amp though? Maybe even much less??

Well I have no idea with the demo amp but I can ask. The point is though that the demo amp had worse tops and better bottom where my amp is the other way around!

To my ears anyway.

I just didn’t think there’d be that much of a difference.

Bass or base?

You might have a problem with the onboard power supply/regulators.

Try and borrow a HicapDR from your dealer and see what it sounds like.

Have you made sure that you are fully connected? What speaker cables and plugs are you using? It could be just a case of turning the amplifier off and un-plugging and re-plugging your speaker cables. It’s best to have the plugs go in nice and straight without any torsion or stress on the plugs themselves. So they glide in nice and even for maximum contact and not being forced to go in at an angle.

One other difference to note between the two amps is the volume level at different positions of the volume control, my amp is significantly quieter at the same position on the dials, is this normal too?

I may try this thank you, I may see if I can borrow loan both the power supply and the loan amp to compare.

As listening to music is very subjects does anybody know if there an accurate microphone/software setup that can measure the amps output with some sort of test tone perhaps?


That could be the vol knob is in a different position on the shaft. Are they both at the same point when vol turned right down?

No they are in the same position when they’re turned off

Or should I say turned right down

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My Supernait 3 boogied straight out of the box and has never shown any inconsistency even when powered down for home improvements and reinstalled.
All this burning in is “Cobblers” it’s purely getting used to the sound signature.


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