Supernait 3 Speaker Cable recommendations please?

I’d get your NAC A5 cables made up expertly by a renowned dealership and sell off (don’t look back) all of the other candidates you have hanging around…


As per many of the earlier replies, Kudos KS-1 on my SN3, replaced much more expensive Townshend Isolda DCT cables. Kept all of the slam that they provide but with a more projected top end.


presumably you’ve swopped cables from the left to right on back of amp to rule out amp or even speakers? Failing that possibly a bad solder joint on the plugs.


NACA5 are hard to beat. They punch well above their weight with Naim. I use them on my SN3 system and they sound great. Downstairs, I sold my NACA5’s in favor of the SuperLumina speaker cables on the 500 system. They sound great but it took them a while to sound better than the NACA5.

NACA5 is your friend! The big car ride without the big car price.


I know what Litz designs are, but what cables belong to the second type? Can you give me an example please?

He means anything that looks like this:

Ciao, Howzit Max, I had in mind the cable brand called ‘Kimber’.
It’s sold in UK by the Russ Andrews who has a collaboration with the cable designer from USA.
They use the same weave pattern for many different speaker cables, some simple, some complex, plus IC’s and power cables.

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Hi Mike,

thanks, I know Kimber cables but wasn’t sure you were referring to them.
@robert_h , Thanks.

The best results I got with Naim amps and n-Sats, as far as speaker wires are concerned, I think I got with Vertere, Pulse-X mini. They were irreproachable in terms of coherence, extension, timbre, detail.
The lack of a recognizable character may be considered a plus or a minus depending on the listener;
not believing in objectivity in audio, I tend to prefer gear (including wires) that has some ‘personality’ and whose ‘personality’ matches my taste.

In this respect, I admire the NAC A5 for its honest matter-of-factness that can occasionally give way to nuances, the Chord Campana because it’s objectively impossible to obtain more with less stuff at such a low price. I have never tried other Chord stuff but some reliable members here are using it, so I might give it a try.

Problem is, once you have accepted that cables make a difference, it is sometimes hard to resist trying and swapping given the average affordable prices.

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WitchHat Phantoms for me on my SN3 but they will be replaced with Kudos KS1 once I move to a “poor man’s active” setup assuming Kudos bring their crossover out soon.


Witch Hat Phantoms here too. They took quite a long time to settle in but now are sounding great.

If you’re buying anything by mail order from Russ Andrews, remember to ask them to put a bottle of snake oil in your package.


But, seriously, either NACA4 or NACA5 should be all that you need. (Linn’s LK20 is identical to NACA4, if you’re having trouble finding the Naim cable.)

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:open_mouth: :astonished:
I’m not suggesting anyone use RA stuff, the opposite in fact.

RA use Icelandic Rock Viper oil BTW, night and day difference !

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When my SN3 was my main system I used 3m Chord Signature Reference cables and they were excellent.
Now the SN3 is in my second system I use 3m Chord Epic X cables and they are also very good.

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