Supernait 3 Speaker Cable recommendations please?

I have an SN3 powering Monitor Audio Gold 300 5g and I’m looking for cable recommendations.
I currently have QED XT40I

I actually bought a pair of NACA5 and I thought the sound quite suited my set up.

Unfortunately one of them has a hiss which after days of changing interconnects, sources etc. can only be the cable, so they are being returned.

Im unlikely to find any more NACA5 at such a good price (I need 2x 4.5m) and I’d probably want to avoid them just because they are so inflexible.

Chord Odyssey X are sort of on my radar as I dont want to break the bank!

Any advice appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I use Kudos KS-1 with my Supernait 3 perfectly happy here.
A doddle to work with too. :+1:t2:


Another vote for the Kudos KS-1 with my SN3. I directly compared it at home against NACA5 over a weekend and much preferred its sound.


And another one.

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I’d suggest you to listen to Nordost cables, starting from the Blue Heaven. Red Dawn would be great IMHO (I tested them both on the SN3 and NAC202/NAP200 DR, they sound excellent to my ears). You could also try their White Lightning or Purple Flare, they are cheaper.


Hissing speaker cable?? Sounds more like an issue with the amp or it’s picking up some noise from somewhere


I too have a SN3. I use chord speaker cable. I ruled out NACA5 b/c I needed flexibility around corners. I also use Chord Shawline between my SN3 and both my Naim CD5si and my ND5XS2.

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speaker cables dont hiss unless its picking up interference, so check how you have it routes near power or digital cables… I use chord epic x with my nova which makes naca5 sound shut in


NACA4 (no longer made) is much more flexible than NACA5, and can often be found on places such as eBay.

I believe that Linn’s LK20 is identical to NACA4.

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This… cannot be the cables… :expressionless:

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I’ve had Odyssey cable in my Naim Olive setup for 24 years - no problem with it. I also contacted Chord to find out what they now recommend, and their response was

Thank you for contacting us with your query.

If you were considering updating your cable then I think our improved Epic X would be a good choice, which offers dual layers of shielding as well as XLPE insulation.

Providing you use the minimum advised lengths by NAIM Audio 3.5mtrs per side, you will not have an issue using our speaker cables with NAIM amplification,

we have many customers out in the field who use our speaker cables with this equipment without issue.

I hope this response is of assistance.

With kind regards, Support

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Cables don’t hiss.
Supernait’s are not so critical re output stage loading and are happy with any cable provided it not a Litz or multi cored woven/plaited type.
I’ve used Odyssey-2 (now called X) for years.

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All i can say is after changing all the interconnects the only thing left was the cable.

I took the NACA5 out, replaced with my old XT40I and there was no hiss.

I should be clear here.
It’s not a constant hiss, it presents as interference at certain dynamics.

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It’s not a constant hiss.
Ive probably used the wrong terminology.

It’s distortion that occours at certain frequencies.

No, this is clearly distortion.
I’m happy with the way the cables sound.

Just for clarity here, I’ve clearly used the wrong terminology.

I should have said one of the speaker cables distorts at certain frequencies.

Hi Damian. Are you running the cables together in trunking? Capacitative coupling can occur in such circumstances causing distortion, especially on transients.

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Hi there,
No I dont have any trunking.
I’ve spoken to the seller and he suspects it may be an issue with the plugs.

In my experience speaker can be speaker dependent which is why ideally it’s best to get a dealer to lend you a couple to try. I’ve used Chord Odyssey for a number of years which after trying several others continues to give good results.

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I suggest you visit your local Naim dealer and get them to solder NAC A5 onto Naim SA8’s for an ideal connection at your Supernait 3 end and an appropriate termination at the speaker end. The Supernait 3 is a great amp but it can be picky with cables and terminations if they aren’t right.