Supernait 3 - speaker plugs

I just received a used SN3 but it did not come with the Naim speaker plugs. Do those come with the SN3 or do I need to purchase them additionally or with speaker cables?

A new SN3 comes with the speaker plugs installed. You will have to buy some new ones if you want to use them. If you buy Naim speaker cables, the dealer can install them on the cables but that will normally be an extra charge.

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I bought a SN3 fairly recently and it came with the speaker plugs but since I needed new speaker cables anyway I ordered some naca5 cables online with the naim terminators at the source end and bananas on the speaker end.

Seems plenty of places offer this but if you’re looking to reuse cables you already own then it doesn’t help much!

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Try checking with the seller if the dual Naim banana plugs are available and included in the sale.


Both my dealers - Grahams in London, and Audio T in Brighton - have chosen to terminate the NACA5 with banana sockets.

They work just fine, and I have Chord sockets these days…

My late 2019/early 2020 purchased SN3 did not come with them but my SN2 from 2015 or so did come with them. US customer. Both were NIB. Go figure.

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A new SN3 should come with the plugs. If the owner decided to use them then they’re going to be soldered to their cables. I would say at that point it’s reasonably awkward to remove them to include in any subsequent sale. Speaking personally I would not necessarily expect them to be included if I was buying a used SN3. They should be very easy to obtain from any Naim dealer, online if there are none conveniently close by.

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Naim SA8 speaker plugs are available to buy and are not particularly expensive…

IMO… :thinking:

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Although Naim always recommends the standard Naim plugs, I must admit that I have used different Naim amplifiers with different speaker cables and plugs … for example a decent Chord banana plug will do just fine.

From Naims’ own website.
“Super Lumina range was born. These speaker cables are designed to maximize the performance of Statement amplification system, but they are equally suited for 500 Series and Classic Series systems. The Super Lumina speaker cables come with either 4mm or spade connectors.”

So, by inference, you do not need to use the Naim solder on speaker plugs that come with the SN3; you can use 4mm banana plugs.
I use non Naim speaker cables with 4mm banana plugs with my SN3.

Thanks all. I’ll look for some good cables with 4mm banana plugs.