Supernait 3 technical specs

I’ve been thinking about buying Supernait 3 amp, I really like how it sounds, and I was researching all I can find about it. Naim doesn’t provide that many technical characteristics the way other manufacturers do, I was wondering if anyone here has more detailed information on the topic or perhaps did the measurements himself or herself?

I was looking for the standard characteristics such as: total harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion, frequency response, SNR, damping factor etc. I could only find one blogpost where the guy measured some of these for Supernait 1, it was very good for the amp of that price range of that time, but it was 15 years ago. I assume Naim only improved the amp since then. By the way, as far as I understand Supernait is class AB, close to B like the other Naim amps?

I know that how the amp handles a pure harmonic signal isn’t much by itself since we are not listening to pure harmonics anyways, but it would still be good to get some info. Thanks:)

Hello and welcome NSukhov,
It’s generally not high on the list of priorities for Naim figures.
If it sounds good, it really is pretty meaningless to be concerned with frequency response, THD etc.
Similarly, watts per channel are often quoted by some manufacturers which are simply not real-world watts. Naim generally quote a low but real-world figure.
For example, there are different ways of measuring watts.
Just enjoy the music.


A quick Google search suggests there may be the kind of review, with the measurements you’re looking for on the web site.
However, there’s lot more to music than THD…

But the measurements might dissuade you?
If you like how it sounds, buy it.
If measurements are important, you’re on the wrong forum.


Been using Naim since 1983 the only measurement I’m interested in is whether it will fit on the rack? just enjoy the music.


Have you learnt nothing over 40 years of Naim ownership? How can you not worry about its damping factor? I’m astonished.

My measurement interest includes bank balance! :grinning:

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Naim has published a series of “white papers” where they discuss new technology. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t one for the SN3 phono stage and headphone amp sections(?)

Maybe @Richard.Dane or @110dB could confirm(?)

I bought one, demoed many. I think its the most narural sounding solid state amp for the money. I improved mine with hcdr. It powers my wilson tunetots all fed by ndx2. Curious how many rate ndx2 sn3 vs nsc222 and new 250.

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That is what I was referring to when I was talking about Supernait 1

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Completely agree on everything. I was just curious if someone has the numbers. Thanks for your response:)

There was an interview with Steve Sells in Critic when then SN3 and XS3 were introduced which mentioned a few details on the SN3 design.


Thanks for posting that link, I hadn’t read it before, really interesting! I didn’t realise there were differences between the phono stages other than the mounting technique. I also didn’t realise the headphone amp/pre-amp dual use approach was a thing with those amps either, I thought that architecture only came in with New Classic.

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Interesting reading.

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Yes, it’s always interesting to understand the background to some of the design decisions made. Steve Sells’ (@110dB) postings on the NAIT50 and New Classic ranges are an informative read.
Worth a search if you’ve not seen them.

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Only 36 :grin:

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