Supernait 3 upgrade to Vitus RI-101

not being a fan of separates, and knowing that the top in the Naim integrated amplifiers is the Supernait 3, I wonder what difference I can expect if I replace the SN3 with a Vitus RI-101 when the speakers are B&W 805 D3’s? Any comment or experience would be welcome.

At about 4 times the price, not sure they are really comparable…one would hope that it would sound amazing by comparison at that price. But only one way to find out.

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on buying a second hand RI-100, approx. 5000 €, and do the transformation upgrade, servicing by Vitus audio, to the RI-101, = 4000 €. Thus total= 9000 €. Compare to SN-3 with Hi-CAP DR, = 6200 €. Correction: about 1.5 times the price, not 4 times the price…

It is in the UK when comparing new prices…anyway best of luck

That sounds a bit stroppy - the new price on the 101 is £13,600. The SN3 is £3,499. That sounds very much like four times to me, and as said, you’d jolly well expect it to sound better. But whether you like that sound is something entirely different.

I’d suggest you read the HiFi+ review of the 101 by Chris Thomas - it’s freely accessible on 'net.

These are 2 very different products not just in ‘new’ price but also power and presentation. See the recent/concurrent 500/552 versus Vitus SIA-025 to get some idea of how different.

I suspect the B&W’s (a brand which does like current delivery) will like the Vitus much more but, as others have said, the presentation is different.

And if you’re comparing 2nd-hand/pre-loved prices, something better than the SN3 ought to be used as a yardstick?..and then the same aspects will arise.

Only your ears will tell you…

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