SuperNait 3 upgrade

I traded in my old Naim pieces (52, Supercap, CDS2, XPS, 135’s and SBL’s along with a Linn Sondek TT several years ago and ended up with a ND5XS2 and a Supernait 3 which I’ve been happy with for a while. I thought I was done upgrading but found a slightly used Nac 282 with a Nap 250 DR and a HiCap DR for a bargain at my local audio store. Didn’t know what I was missing. My Tannoy DC10A speakers seem to have awakened! Recently traded in the ND5XS2 for a NDX2 and XPS DR. HUGE Improvement!

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I wouldn’t be concerned that the Hicap isn’t DR, just make sure it’s been serviced. Many will advise that the DR is better but you would need to judge for yourself whether or not you want to fork out more than double what the non DR version is worth. Ensure everything is within its service window and enjoy listening to it :blush:. Personally I would save my pennies and replace the Hicap with a Supercap at some point.


Thanks for the input.

I’d be thinking about a source improvement next. An nDAC would be a good choice.


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I’d like A NDX2 with an XPS but can’t justify the expense. I’ll live with my ND5XS2 with the Nac 282, Nap 250DR and Hicap DR.

I’d be looking at………

Enjoying music on your new system, 282/Hi/250 is a great place to be and an ND5XS2 isn’t exactly slumming it.




I agree! I am currently trying to decide if I should keep my REL 212/SE. The 282/250DR/HicapDR have improved the base substantially so that the sub isn’t really needed.

What made you trade the olive boxes in the first place?

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Cd’s vs Net player.

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