Supernait 3 upgrade

Can I upgrade my Supernait 3 with the Naim NAP 300 DR & 300PS Power Amplifier?

You can add a NAP300 to the Supernait 3. While this doesn’t make much sense as an end point, it may make sense as a stepping stone on to eventually partnering the NAP300 with a superior pre-amp such as a NAC252/Supercap, or a NAC552. Of course, as ever though, be sure your source is up to snuff!

If you aren’t powering the pre-amp section of the Supernait with a HICAP or Supercap then you’ll need to connect the NAP300 to the DIN4 pre-out labelled “bi-amp”. However, it’s not so straight forward as this will require a custom shotgunned DIN4 - 2 x XLR lead to be made up. It may well make more sense to look for a HICAP instead, giving a nice performance boost and the convenience of being able to use the NAP300’s existing leads.


Thanks for the informative response, so just so I am getting this right it make financial sense to go for a Supercap to attain the best value for money whilst attaining an uplift in audio performance?

Thanks for the advice , I was told that adding the power amp to the SN3 was the way forward.
The NAC 252 is quite a big financial jump for me.
Should I lower my ambition and go for a lower spec power amp in the same family like the Nap 250DR?

If you just want a nice uplift in performance of the Supernait 3 then consider a HICAP DR.

You could then later consider adding a power amp, but pre-amp always trumps power amp in the hierarchy so you don’t want to go too far there. A NAP250 is probably as far as you would want to go before considering a move/trade to a dedicated Pre-amp such as a NAC282 to partner the HICAP.

And don’t forget your sources…


Or some speakers.

My first thought on reading the question was get a HiCap , it’s very muck in kilter with the SN3


Thanks gain for the heads up, my scources are as follow a Gyrodeck with an Origin Live Encounter tone arm and a Dynavector 20X2 MC cartridge. A Music Fidelity VYNL phono stage. A vintage pioneer PD93 CD PLayer. Speakers are B&W 7030S3.
I will be aquring the NDX2 at the end of the month

Is the HICAP DR more suited to the SN3 than the Supercap DR?

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I would do it the other way round. Add a preamp to the Supernait such as a 282 or 252, then trade the Supernait for a 250 or 300.


Yes, the HICAP DR probably makes a bit more sense than the Supercap here.


I have an SN3, the newer version with the phono stage. Last year I added a new HiCap DR and it’s a great upgrade. The SN3 alone is a fantastic amplifier and more than ample but I took a chance and last year I added the HiCap DR, and as many Naimers will verify it’s a brilliant upgrade. Bass is tighter, more detail comes to the fore and the soundstange widens, it’s like having an entirely new set of speakers. On occasions I’ve gone back to the SN3 alone, and it still takes me by surprise, it remains an excellent upper range amplifier. Though I do eventually return to the SN3 HiCap Dr combo for the tremendous uplift.


I would say so , the HiCap is much more in line wiith the SN3 snd in earlier times the 200/202

I would say the Supercap is more in line with higher ability products.


Thanks for your information it has made things so much clearer now, much appreciated

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I use a HiCap DR on my SN3 and it is brill. So much quality going on that it’s hard for me to imagine going any further on up the chain to be honest. If i were to upgrade from here on, i’d go straight to the new NC300 series, fully loaded of course, no point doing things in half measures :smiling_face:


I fully agree. However my SN3 and Spendor A4 clearly show my system upgrades including cable upgrades. My system must be doing something right! No desire to upgrade.