Supernait 3 Volume/Balance/Sound issues

Hello dear Naim community, I switched from a Uniti Star to a Supernait3 & NDX2 last week. After careful consideration, for me the best decision. The sound is breathtaking!!! However, I had to find out that the SN3 at very low volume comes almost exclusively to music on the left speaker. When you make it louder, it adapts better, but the left speaker sounds nice and full and typical Naim and the right speaker as if there were a curtain in front of it. Furthermore, I have to set the balance control to 2 o’clock at a higher volume. All solutions such as cable exchange, boxes changed, tried different sources, but without success. Otherwise, dreamlike sound, someone still tips from you

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Perfectly normal for Naim amps that use the Alps volume control.

Nothing wrong with your amp, just the way they are.

If new I would speak to my dealer about it. I’d not be happy.

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Doesn’t happen here. :thinking:

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Not for me either

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My first SN3 did this, I just thought it was the way they are however my replacement is perfect and sounds better for it, maybe you bought my old one!

My first 282 did this too. It was replaced by my dealer a year ago. Unfortunately, I think the new replacement starts to behave in the same way with the left side speaker sounding louder than the right one, even above 8:30 or 9 on the volume knob. I try to center the image using the balance knob but need to turn it to 2:30 to center the image, but it then sounds a bit different with less soundstage and less attack… Do you hear the same effect if you use your volume knob to center the image?

:rofl: maybe. I have now also attached another speaker cable, with the same result. When I change the cables on the inputs of the SN3, the right speaker sounds better. I have complained about this to my dealer with the request for a replacement device. After less than a week, I also don’t want to send in for repair is NEW. Otherwise, a wonderful sound from the colleague…

I have a supernait 3 with nd5xs2. I have the same experiences as you. Currently I am trying more speaker positionings as the room might be the culprit. However I listen very near field at 1.6m with proac d20r. Could the distance affect the imaging?

Do update your findings along the way.

yes push for a replacement, it’s a QC issue


Thank you in advance for your answers. When I start the volume control from 0, the left channel comes first and then slowly the right one. At volume 8:30-9:00 a.m., I would have to set the balance control to 2:00 p.m. to create a balance, but with sound losses. I sit directly in the sweet spot with a distance of about 2-2.50m. I have already placed the left speaker in different positions, but without profitable success. Do you think I’m getting a new amp? Unfortunately, this clouds my joy in the so good-sounding device.

That’s exactly the way mine was, it’s not right. My new one is perfect, no imbalance and no low volume cut-off either, overall it sounds better too. There seems to be serious inconsistencies and QC issues going on so dont accept anything less, you’ve paid too much for it not to be perfect.

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Thank you for your support.
I had contact with my dealer again today. I will bring my SN3 to him on Monday and you will carry out an A/B test, after which I should get a new one. If this one is there, I’ll give an update. Have a nice weekend.

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If you bought this equipment new from an authorized dealer, I would insist on a replacement. He can use yours as his demo or sell it to someone else with a small discount!

Hello everyone.
So I was at my Naim dealer today. He also heard the defect I described. I’m going to get a new one according to the statement. Further repair information will follow.


That’s good news if you get a new one you won’t need a repair information update.
Good Luck. :+1:t2:

From my past experience, no such issues.