Supernait 3 vs Naim 12/160

Any thoughts on how these would compare? I was planning on buying the Supernait 3, however I have the chance to buy the pre/power. I would obviously need to have them serviced etc. Thoughts?
Thanks for your time

Decades of research, lots of money and thought have gone into the newer products!

The sn3 is a peach of a product hat will drive pretty much anything and a future classic. I know where my money would go and it has…


A NAC12 with NAP160 is a lovely combination and, if in tip top shape and recently serviced, can sound remarkable considering how old they are. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that they are old, and very early Naim pieces and are somewhat “hardcore” in their performance. If you know what you like and you love the sound of early Naim kit, particularly the way it can lock into rhythms, then little else will do. The modern Supernaits by contrast are far more rounded, more resolving, more spatially adept, and tonally textured. Naim have not stood still in the intervening years and have tried to retain much of what made the original amps so loved, but with so much more as well. They also have better facilities (including remote control and a decent headphone amp), and if buying new, a decent long warranty.


Agree Hufi- dog

SN3 a long termer , headquarters got it right with this one - absolute classic


Probably sounding very different, the Supernait can always be purchased.

Not so with vintage 12/160.

In fact, if prices are fair these can be a nice investment.
I’m quite sure they can be serviced.

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Another +1 from me as well.

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Many thanks for the feedback/information. I’m going to go for the Supernait 3.

Thanks again


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