Supernait 3 with mc cartridge

Can a Supernait 3 phono stage work with a high output mc cartridge ? If it is possible is anyone doing this and what cartridge are you using.

No reason why not. Do you think it won’t? Or just checking?

I think that’s the point about HOMCs :slight_smile:

I demoed a Dynavector 10x5 recently into a Graham Slee MM stage, no issues whatsoever. I didn’t actually try it into my XS3 phono stage, but no reason to think that wouldn’t also work fine.

The other point might be that HOMCs are also less sensitive to input capacitance - Naim stage is 470pF, which might not suit all MM carts.

Should have asked, which one are you considering?

Just curious really. I though it would but also thought maybe I’m mistaken. I use an Ortofon 2m black that works well but just interested if it can be improved on.

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Benz Micro ACE SH sounds almost as good “direct” as it does through the StageLine.


You can use any MC cart with a MM stage if you use a step up transformer or head amp something like the small and not to expensive Rothwell Headspace can be used to great effect and allow you to use even very low output carts.

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That’s a very high end MM cartridge, not entirely sure a HOMC would definitely improve on it. Different possibly, but at that level I think a LOMC might be a better bet, but then you would definitely need a different phono stage… etc.

Not too long ago I was considering a bunch of options cartridge and phono stage and TT wise. In the end I settled on not going LOMC, but did decide, almost by default as it was the cartridge I demoed all the TT candidates with, to upgrade my Goldring 1042 MM to a DV 10x5 - together with a Technics 1200G. Before all that turns up from the dealer I have also upgraded my XS3 with a Graham Slee MM phono stage. Very happy with the uplift the DV10x5 and Graham Slee together have had. The XS3 stage is good, but the Graham Slee is exceptional. If it is improvements you’re looking for I would demo some phono stages.

It is a very good sound and vinyl isn’t my main source so suits me. Really was just curious. The SN3 is such a good amplifier that I looking to keep and get off the upgrade / downgrade yo-yoing I’ve been doing the past few years.

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It probably can with a DV10X5. Though I suspect that you would have to turn up the volume knob a bit to compensate for its relative lack of output.

What does your dealer say?

The combination of a halfway decent head amp or step up transformer and an even quite modest MM stage can produce surprisingly good results.

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I completely agree with @Bobthebuilder here. The phono stage in the SN3 and a Sony HAT-10/Ortofon T-5 are a nearly perfect match.

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I have used a Hana SH with the built in stage of the SN3 and was very pleased with the results.

Volume did need to be around the 11 - 12 o’clock position for a good level but no noticeable background noise

I am using a Rega Planar 3 with RB300 arm and an Ortofon MC10 Supreme high output mc direct into my SN3’s mm input. No issues and sounds very good.

OP: A high output MC cartridge is designed specifically to work with a MM input stage (like that in the SN3). It will overload a standard MC input stage and sound horrible. Similarly, the use of a step up transformer with a MM input stage won’t work with a high output MC cartridge.

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