Supernait 3

How good is supernait? What does it correspond to in relation to separate parts, a 202/200 combo or something better?

A 202/200 is going to be better but ideally you need to add a Napsc and Hicap. So becomes a 4 box system. Beauty of Suoernait 3 is it’s a one box solution, although you can add a Hicap for better results. Separates are better ultimately but it is a lifestyle choice as well depending on box count.

Good deals on used 202/200 could be a deciding factor as well.


Wouldn’t say better then you @Dan_M .
Think you resumed all.
For me , less is more. (Think sq gap is short, without the ad on HiCap or NAPsc

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Thanks for the reply Dan.
Considering that supernati has 80 watts in power, I thought that it could perhaps be compared with nap 250 which also has 80 watts rather than with nap 200 which only has 70 watts output power?

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Bjorn, consider that these days the NAP200 contains DR technology. My understanding is that a NAP200DR is nearly as good at supplying power to the NAC202 as a HCDR.

In short, NAC202, NAPSC, NAP200DR will be a fantastic amplifier.


Bear in mind that the 250 alone costs quite a bit more than the SN3. The 250 is a regulated amplifier and altogether superior. It would normally be matched with a 282 and Hicap DR.

Discussions have taken place for many years over the relative merits of the 202/200 and the Supernait 2 and now 3. The 202/200 is generally held to sound a bit better but not massively so. They are really different things. The SN3 is a very high quality integrated with a built in phono stage, and can form the basis of a simple yet excellent system. The 202 and 200 are more flexible and an easier option should you want to upgrade in the future. As said above, the 200DR can power the 202 very effectively, though you really do need the little Napsc, which makes the 202 sound nicer, and it’s something I wouldn’t want to use a 202 without.


Thank you for your detailed answer. Yes, it’s not an easy choice, but my thoughts are on a Supernait 3, or a used Supernait 2, along with the new ND5 XS2.

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I can certainly vouch for the SN3 being very good. I’ve come to mine having owned more illustrious Naim boxes and I’m really pleased with it. I was tempted by the 2 but got the 3 mainly for the phono stage and the buttons that are sensibly labelled. The 3 supposedly has markedly better bass performance too. If you do go for the ND5XS2 do consider how happy you’d be controlling it exclusively with app. I ruled it out because I wanted a remote and to be able to stop the music and change inputs by pressing a button on the box itself.


I did not know that ND5XS2 only can be controlled with the app. Something to think about of course, but the price difference between the two is quite big, so I really dont know

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That is correct, although you do get used to it. Of course you always have the option to mute your amp if urgency is required

HH sorry if you’ve mentioned this before but did you do a sound comparison with nd5xs2 or was your choice based on ease of use.

SuperNait 2 usually can be sourced s/h around half retail, makes these a pretty good deal.
If you use Turntable just add a Stageline or other external.
Depending on your speakers and size of room, I’d say separates could be a better but more expensive choice.
Don’t forget mains and support racks.

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It was based on both ease of use and advice from my friendly dealer that the NDX2 was significantly better sounding. It’s also the logical partner to the SN3. As I was downsizing the system the cost wasn’t an issue. I wanted the SN3 rather than the XS3 because I wanted the beefier sound for my small speakers, and so everything pointed at the NDX2.

We use the system for watching TV and it’s incredibly easy to grab the remote and cycle through the inputs. With the smaller streamer we’d need to find the phone or iPad and it’s really nice not to have to.


Absolutely right. At around £1,600 for a two or three year old SN2, they are an absolute bargain.


That IS a total bargain.

Would be remiss for me not to mention, however, that the Supernait 3 has several performance-boosting design changes over-and-above the built-in phono stage.


There was a 2019 Supernait 2 for sale for £1,595 for quite a few months very recently. I went for the 3 despite the extra cost and think it’s just brilliant. And with the NDX2/555PS it makes for a very, very nice setup.


I apologize for the intrusion but I would not like to open a new 3d unnecessarily.
do you think a supernait 2 or 3 or a nait xs3 could be better than a CB NAP250 / HC / 62?

Indeed! I’ve just persuaded a friend to trade in a stack of lesser separates for a SN3; he’s got an NDX 2 on order, too. He’s incredibly happy with the sound, and his wife is even happier that the box count is significantly reduced (as he’s been able to get rid of his phono stage, too!)


I think you probably are best starting a particular thread on that, with Chrome Bumper in the title, so those who’ve maybe considered/tried a similar move will easily find it.

Here in Sweden, a new Supernait 3 costs around 4100 pounds and a used Supernait2 around 2000 to 2600 pounds depending on age. :thinking::thinking: Assume that part of the price difference is explained by the fact that the market here in Sweden is smaller than in the UK.