SuperNait Issues - Help during lockdown

Hi Everyone,

First day of Lockdown here in New Zealand - and my supernait has fallen over!


SuperNait + Highcap + Airport Express


No sound via speakers - but i still get sound via Headphones output
SuperNait both mute buttons are stuck on
If i press one of the mute buttons and change input - i start to get sound but its distorted and cuts out after 15-20sec sometimes.
the sound via the headphones output is 100% clear no issues at all

What i have done
I have reset the device with Mute button when turning on/using the remote program + display
Left the unit off for 24 hours
Plugged the unit into another power plug in the house

What i can’t do
I can’t test the analog input - as all retailers are closed and i dont have a cable, but dont think the digital input is the issue as the headphones output works
Remove the high cap - i dont have a link plug, but as above if the headphones output works, i dont think its the high cap.
Take the unit to a repair agent (they are all closed for 4 weeks)

If anyone has any ideas on what i should try - please let me know!! I’m stuck using 2x Homepods in stereo currently, and its far from the quality i am use to!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Celeron655 & welcome!

This is a case of very bad timing indeed. But the symptoms you describe sound like a failure of the 1uF capacitor in the brown-out detect circuit. It is located underneath the speaker sockets next to the heatsink at the rear of the main PCB. Replacement is a challenge due to its location & it being surface mount.

Interesting that the headphone output is unaffected - I’ve never checked it in this fault condition.


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