Supernait locked

I need help, supernait is on locked mode and buttons aren’t working. Remote control also.
Is there a combination to unlock/reset? I’ve tried prog and other combination from the forum.

Please help

Have you tried a reset via the front panel? Press and hold source Mute as you power up the Supernait. Be careful though - make sure no speakers are connected as the power up mute threshold is reduced from 30 to only 2 seconds.

This is happening after this reset. Now nothing is working. Remote control or buttons not responding.

I have press the mute source button, the device was reset. Then was in strange mode with automatic volume max end min. Then with remote go to this situation and now nothing is working. When restart all buttons are lighting one by one, wait 30 sec and go to this.

That sounds like it’s in soak mode. Probably best for @NeilS to advise further here.

Perhaps the XS button combination might work?

Nope, sorry, same button combination!

Here’s another try:

Maybe I ought to leave it to the experts, sorry!


And why not remove the power cord and connect it again ?

If the reset Richard describes in the second post is not working, it will be a hardware fault or software corruption.


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Nothing is happening with all of the ideas unfortunately.

Ok, finally i go out of this mode. Now the remote control is active, but only PROG button. When hold it tuner, aux1 and aux 2 are lighter. Then what? It doesn’t accept other combinations.

The SN1 looks awfull dirty and not much love, that’s why it’s locked! :wink:


It might look dirty on the outside but, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters!

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I think it’s saying I’m not playing until loved more. :heart_eyes:
I hope when he is resetting the amp he’s using the front panel buttons and not the remote.
What’s the history of the amp was it working and where did it come from. :thinking:

A skip, maybe.


Hello everyone.

Advices from your side helped. The device is working now, after reset with mute button and reconect everything again. I have it as a gift from my father in law, its 15 years old but the sound is very good.
Thanks everyone and all the best.


Glad you got it sorted! And sorry if the links I copied here were misleading in any way

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It’s due a service now. Every 12 to 15 years for the supernait models.


I had my 2008 Supernait serviced in 2022, it included two minor faults fixed as part of the service.
It was away for just over a month.
Cost was £399 + £20 P&P
it was returned with a job sheet, but it doesn’t include much detail …
Reported faults – Logo dull, slow Start Up
Faults confirmed – Logo bleed & failing BO cap
Replaced reservoir caps, BO cap, fitted jitter mod & updated to 01-04/01.03
Test OK - GS


Oh nice I didn’t even get a service log when mine came back.

BUT … I do think the sound improved substantially after the recap/service. :slight_smile:


What’s a BO cap Mike? :thinking: