Supernait & nSub connect?

Hello to all of you! I have a question that I don’t have an exact answer to! Please help? My amp is a Naim Supernait. My subwoofer is a Naim nSub. How is it best and most correct to pair them? From which output of the amplifier is it best and most correct to get a signal for the bass? Hi-purity from the amp’s speaker terminals, or low-purity with an interconnect from the amp’s Sub Out? nSub and Supernait allow both options, but which is preferable? Thank you in advance for your time and detailed and competent answers! Greetings and cheers!

There’s a dedicated subwoofer out socket via rca phono.

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Naim recommend that the high level connection taken from the loudspeaker input sockets is preferable, and I found this slightly preferable to the low level connection on mine. Note that this is a connection from each loudspeaker, not from the amp.
The high level connection is likely to be cheaper because you need only use basic thin wire.
The low level connection can still give acceptable results. It’s worth experimenting with a wide range of different locations around the room to get the best performance from the sub. The final position may affect your choice of connection method.

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If you’re going down the low-level route then i can whole heartedly recommend the sub leads from QED. I use their reference 40 sub interconnects with the n-SUB from my SN3 sub output to really good effect. Sometimes my n-SATs sound like DBLs :rofl:


Hello! Thank you for the recommendation. I like Qed cables, but I’m in love with The Chord Company cables. For nSub I use Chamelion Silver Plus. I like it a lot! Good luck and cheers!

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