Supernait Problem

Hello. My original Supernait (SN1) has recently developed a horrible hum/buzz that has rendered the amp unusable. The noise is made with no sources attached and is uneffected by any change in the button settings. It’s is horribly loud. I reset the amp using the program/display buttons on the remote and there is no change, nor is there a change by unplugging the amp overnight. Is there anything you can recommend I try? I somehow feel the issue is related to the AV bypass input. I am pretty handy and would welcome any advice here. Thank you!

It sounds to me like it has developed a fault, possibly in its power supply smoothing, and you should return it to Naim or an authorised service centre for a service.

Did anything in the setup or with connected kit change just before the hum/buzz began?

Did anything occur during the period when the amp was fine and suddenly the hum/buzz began?

Can you elaborate on why you think this is related to the AV bypass? Is it just on an AV bypass input? Is AV Bypass enabled? If so, does disabling it help?

It’s buzzing on all inputs. I recently added a ground loop eliminator between by AV receiver and the Supernait set to the AV bypasss input and I wonder if this could have shorted something out?

Did it start once the ground loop isolator was installed?

Yes I think so. But I’m not sure if I had the av receiver switched on, or if it happened once I switched it on? But I immediately removed it and this condition exists with nothing but the speakers plugged in. S

OK, sounds like it may have frizzed something. Best get it looked at by your Naim dealer or approved Naim servicer. To assist them, do explain fully what happened.

That’s where I’m headed! Last question, If this did happen putting the hum isolator on, I would imagine that it’s the power app section that has the issue. If the preamp works fine, is it OK to continue to use the SN as a preamp? Thanks Richard!

My XS2 had the similar case…hum and buzz, even disconnected all sources. I finally found that it is due to the interference by the speaker. After I moved the speaker away from my XS2, the hum and buzz disappeared.
Check if there has any stuff with coil close to your Supernait.

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Thank you, however I very much doubt it’s the speakers as I have had the amp in the same location with same speakers for 3 years, but I will try moving things around to see if that changes anything.

Have you tried re seating the link pin.
First …
Powering down your Super Nait
actually disconnect the mains cable and disconnect speaker leads.
Then remove the link pin in the back and re seat it ( 2 or 3 times )
It’s worth a try.

Thank you! While I did reseat the link pin, it was not totally in the manner you suggest (maybe once). I do wonder if that would have done it. In any event, it’s in for service😔, we’ll see what they say!

Did you ever find out what the issue was ?

Still with Naim US repair facility, going on a month :(. I will report back once I find out. Using an AV receiver while I wait, obviously of lesser quality, yet I have to say its been a lot quieter than my SN, which I think was generating a lot of noise probably on account of a ground loop using the AV passthrough. Hopefully when its back it will sing! Thanks for asking.

I have similar problem with my recently purchase Supernait 2.
Just connected a Denon AVR-X4500H L&R Front channel preamp outputs to my new Supernait2 AV bypass inputs and with REL T Zero subwoofer connected getting low level ground hum with lfe/.1 connected and more prominent hum with the hi level connected.
Might any of you knowledgeable forum members have any ideas on how to rectify this?
I haven’t contacted my dealer as installed new AV receiver as they had closed for the weekend.
I should add problem didn’t occur with previous Yamaha receiver, however I did not use the AV bypass with the Yamaha.

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