Supernait unity gain


I’m building a two way system with a digital crossover (no analogue outputs) and I want to use my supernait as one of the two amplifiers.

Since a digital signals goes out of the crossover, a converter , preamp and power amp are needed. Supernait I own is a gen 1 with all those three components integrated.

Question is: is there a way to use it’s digital input and bypass the volume knob ? Something like a unity gain (AV integration) feature, just not by utilising RCA inputs, but a toslink.

Problem: I’ve tried just cranking the volume knob up, but for some reason , it gets noisy (the same noise you hear when you turn some amplifier way too loud, while no signal is played). The noise goes away by pressing mute.

Any way to handle the noise problem, or use unity gain with a digital input?


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