Supernait2/HCdr vs NAP200dr/NAC202/HCdr

I am thinking about doing this upgrade. I will schedule a demo but i would like your comments. Since i would use the HiCapdr to power the NAC202 does the NAP200dr become irrelevant and a NAP200 ( non dr) will produce the same result. I am asking because i understand that the DR circuitry in the NAP200dr is used only to power the NAC but maybe i am wrong. Thanks !

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If you use a HCDR to power the NAC202 then the DR in the NAP200DR is irrelevant, buy a used NAP200 and put the money saved towards some more kit, such as a NAPSC for the 202, this will bring further SQ improvement.

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Agree 200DR not fully utilized. Get a vanilla 200 and see if you can stretch to a 282.

Yes, the 200DR only supplies ‘DR power’ to the preamp. Naim say that there are some other minor internal changes introduced with the DR model, but probably not enough to justify the extra cost when you have a Hicap.

I had SN2 for a few years when it first came out - great integrated. I tried a few HCDRs but was never convinced.

I did swap it out for a 202/200 HCDR and found it nimble and slightly more resolving.


Thanks to everyone who responded so far. You clearly answer my question and gave me useful advices for my future upgrades. If someone else had the chance to compare SN2 vs NAC202/NAP200 HCDR , your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks !

After a decade of naim experience…

The source for me is a good place to spend money

Both SN2 and 202/200 are good amps

But for a real jump it’s 282/HCDR250DR

But still… source First for me

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It’s certainly not something I would do for marginal, and perhaps questionable gains and at least two more boxes. Unless moving to a 282/250 I wouldn’t bother. And, as Analogmusic so rightly says, a lot depends on your source, and of course your speakers.

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202/HC/200.vs SN2 will be close in my experience, the former will be slightly nimbler. The quantum leap is the 282 which with a HC(DR) will sound superb with either a 200 or 250.



So it is pretty clear with your last comments that i should go for a NAC282 next along with a NAP200 or 250. I already have the HCDR to power the preamp. My sources are Naim NDX and Rega TT and my speakers are Focal 1008BE II on their dedicated stands with SuperLumina speakers cables . I had the SL’s at a great price so i bought them but thinking about replacing them with NACA5 and put the money on the preamp. Thanks again !

You should really try to listen to these amps and decide for yourself. Personally, I prefer the 202/200 to the Supernait, even without a Hicap. I then decided to blow the budget and go straight for a 282/200, but if I didn’t have the money, I would still have been happy with a 202. We all have different ears, rooms and speakers though, so your preferences may be different.


Sounds like a great excuse to visit your Naim dealer’s listening room!

The Supernait 2 does have a slightly different character to the rest of the Naim range, I found it warmer, bassier, more powerful sounding. The 202/200 has more detail and I found it a little more open and faster paced. Just down to personal taste, I intended to get the Supernait 2 but ended up with the 200DR/202.

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