Supernait2 + HiCap troubleshooting - Only one channel


I’m hoping someone can help with an issue I’m having with the HiCap. The Supernait2 works fine with my speakers without the HiCap, but when I use the HiCap only one channel works. The weird thing is that when I plug in headphones into the Supernait2, both channels are working fine. So it seems like the speakers work normally, and the amp produces sound in both channels with the HiCap on headphones - so why doesn’t it do so with speakers?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I suspect there is a problem with one of the two Snaic leads you are using. With the SN and Hicap turned off, remove both leads, undo the din plugs and check that the connections to the pins are ok. If they look ok try borrowing a pair from your dealer. The alternative is that there is a fault in the signal path within the hicap, but it’s easier to check the leads first.

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As per HH, it sounds like it could well be a faulty SNAIC. If you have a multimeter, try a continuity check.

Thanks to both of you for your help. I was able to get ahold of some alternative cables and you were right - the cables were the issue.

Thanks again.


Excellent. You’ll have music for Christmas.

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