Supernait3 Balance Control

How does one find the center point on the balance controller when it comes to the Supernait3?

It’s usually something best done by ear as possible slight low level channel matching on the volume pot and room acoustics can sometimes affect things one way or other. It’s one reason why there is a balance control and also why there’s no obvious central spot aside from visually on the dial face.


We’ve just been through this with a 252.

Ended up using some hifi test tracks which, surprisingly, you can find on Tidal!

Tuned by our ears, balance at “centre” in our room is very slightly to right of centre on the 252 balance dial.


Find your centre image by ear and if the balance led is not vertical you can gently pull the knob off and centre it …

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Didn’t know you could remove the knobs!

However our offset is very slight and the lights are off 99.9% of the time so I won’t be deploying tools.

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No tools needed! They are a push fit on splined shaft… just need to pay attention to the led wiring, but not an issue if if you ease it off and move it a spline or too.

If OCD overtakes common sense I may attempt to move it…. :laughing:

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Mine did!!

Super thanks

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Is there anyway to lock the balance position once you have it set? Fat fingers on the remote has me adjusting rather then listening

And don’t jam the knob as you might cause the tiny motor to stall and be damaged. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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