Supernait3 naim app bug

New to the forum a relative newcomer to naim audio products. I have an nd5xs streamer and new sn3 connected via the supplied din interconnect and 3.5mm jack to allow control of the sn3 volume from an Android tablet.
Every time I change the input of the streamer e.g. from tidal, iradio or Bluetooth etc this pushes the sn3 from the streamer input to the phono. A minor irritation, but one that necessities finding the remote for the sn3 and changing the input.
Any ideas gratefully received.

Sounds like you haven’t got the right input selected in the Naim app system automation section. What input do you have the streamer connected to on the SN3 and what is the value for Preamp StreamerInput in the Naim app?

Connect the streamer to input 3, ‘stream’ and then choose analogue input 3 in the system automation setup. It will then work as you expect.


Thanks for your prompt replies. My menu options are a little different to your suggestions, however, the preamp input selection menu was the problem. Thanks very much for your help - all is now well!



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