SuperStereo Internet Radio in Hi-Res - checking it out

SuperStereo is an Internet Radio station from Chile that has been broadcasting in flac for a while.

It has six channels all of popular music.
Initially they were using flac 16/44.1 and 16/48 but have now migrated all channels to 24/96 hi-res.
They also have a test channel in 24/192 flac with metadata.
This is my experience to date.

I play Internet Radio both from a playlist and from Serviio using the Online sources option.

I am having an issue with the SuperStereo channels in my radio playlist as some channels are crashing after 7 seconds but others are OK. They all play perfectly via Serviio online sources (the playlists are usually highly reliable and it is usually Serviio that has a few hesitations until it gets going) - strange can’t figure it out. SQ is usually best on the playlist.

My testing has revealed that SuperStereo 3, SuperStereo 5 and SuperStereo 6 all work perfectly from my playlist. However SuperStereo 1, SuperStereo 2 and SuperStereo 4 all fail after around 7 seconds. Are these the most popular and is it a server load issue?

The SuperStereo 1 24/192 test channel is reporting as 16/192 (not 24/192) but is playing perfectly for over an hour with metadata.

The radio playlists are playing from AssetUPnP on my PC server and the Serviio stations also from the same server.
I have used both Linn Kazoo (on Android tablet) and Linn Kazoo (on Windows PC) in my tests both with identical results/issues.
I have a cable Internet connection and wired local network. I stream Qobuz 24/192 without issues on this network and equipment.

I have included my playlist below which gives all the SuperStereo URLs and added 4 other good pop stations for comparison purposes - Timewarp (mp3/192), Radio Paradise Mellow Mix (flac 16/44.1), PureClassix (flac 16/48) - if others wish to check it out.
I look forward to the views and experiences of others.


#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 1 eighties (Chile) (flac 24/96)

#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 2 oldies (Chile) (flac 24/96)

#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 3 disco/pop (Chile) (flac 24/96)

#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 4 easy listening (Chile) (flac 24/96)

#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 5 rock&South American (Chile) (flac 24/96)

#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 6 instrumental (Chile) (flac 24/96)

#EXTINF:-1,SuperStereo 1 eighties (Chile) (flac 24/192 test)

#EXTINF:-1,Timewarp Ireland (Waterford, Ireland) (mp3/192)

#EXTINF:-1,Radio Paradise Mellow Mix (New York, USA) (flac 16/44.1)

#EXTINF:-1,PureClassix (Netherlands) (flac 16/48)


I’ve just given some of these a go and they seem to work perfectly for me.

I added them in through Roon and that’s what I use to play via a bridge to my legacy Naim units (Qute or NDS). It looks like the main stations have already been added to the Roon directory as it matched them when I added using your URL’s. The test station isn’t so doesn’t look as pretty.

I also see 16/192 on the test station

and metadata too which is clickable to access the album directly in Roon which also highlights the track in the album that’s playing!

Great find by the way!

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That was speedy. Glad they worked for you like they do with my Serviio option.
Roon seems on the ball.
I think they used the same URLs when they migrated so a 16bit station became 24bit.

Will try to figure what the issue with the playlist is.

I’ll fire up my NAS tomorrow which runs Asset and see if the playlist works for me. It’s only on overnight for backups these days now I use Roon.

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I don’t seem to be getting very far :frowning:

I’ve created a playlist called Test.m3u in the playlists directory on my server and copied all text from the first line (#EXTM3U) to the end.

Asset shows the playlist and all the stations appear in the list

However none of them play except for Timewarp which gives me 2 seconds.

I then created a new playlist file with just an entry for BBC Radio 2 as follows

#EXTINF:-1,BBC Radio 2

That does the same - plays for 2 seconds max before stopping. Playing using Media Player in Windows 11 is fine.

This is using Asset V 7.4 running on a QNAP TS453-Pro

I’ve not done much with playlists but I think my actions are correct so 'm wondering if Asset is the issue here.

It could be but generally AssetUPnP is fine with playlists.
I have playlists with 200 plus stations - all play perfectly from Asset except the three SuperStereo ones which crash after 7 secs. It is always and only the same three and even the other SuperStereo channels are perfect.

Repeated at different times during the day and replicated off my test server but always the same three and only the same three that fail.

P.S. Asset did have an issue as it recognised http but not https. This has been corrected in R7.4. However all these stations are http so not relevant to this issue. I also get same results under R7.0 and R7.4 in these tests.

@Paul_C @trickydickie
Interesting experiment with these SuperStereo stations, all played perfectly on both players without any dropouts. Sounded exceptionally good on the AVM (as I would expect from a better DAC).

I’m not as tech-minded as you so excuse the basic analysis. Surprisingly, some big differences in transmission rates and SQ;

On the Muso2 via Naim app on ipad -
Channel 1-4 only, all in 24/96 @ 1000 kbps. Sounded good, at times flac quality was clear.

On the AVM (proprietary X-engine) via iPad and remote;
Channel 1 - 24/96 but occasionally in 32/44 @~ 3000 kbps. Wow! Amazingly clear and detailed.
Channel 2,3,4 - in 24/96 @ ~3000 kbps
Channel 5 - 24/96 @ 126 kbps (??)
Channel 6 - nothing

Enjoyed the music although apart from Channel 2 (nostalgic past) and 5 (classic rock + pop) they all seemed to be a general mix so couldn’t decide on any particular genre and channel hopped.

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Pleased everything worked OK for you.
Did you use the Naim radio (vTuner) or the playlist?

Straightforward basic function playing radio. No playlist. Worked fine.
(I like simple!)


An issue with SuperStereo historically is they mess about with both the content and broadcast formats.
Also stations sometimes disappear and reappear. (as followers of the “Best Internet Radio” topic on the forum will know).
The station seems much more stable at present.
But as you noted SuperStereo 6 is not working today but has been fine over last few days I was testing.

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@DogWalker @trickydickie
I e-mailed SuperStereo yesterday and got a prompt response asking for details of my access method and in process of responding.
However last night/morning at 1.00am (when i thought network would be quiet) I tried failing stations and they all worked from the playlist! They are all still working this morning.
Note: SuperStereo 6 is back but SuperStereo 2 is now down today (even on their website).

I tried the earlier tests so many times and in lots of different ways that I am satisfied the same 3 worked and the same 3 failed consistently.
Don’t know what has changed or been changed. If it was an issue with my network surely I would not get totally consistent results of those that always worked and those that failed.

(My Kazoo (Android) and Kazoo (Windows) both updated automatically in last couple of days - the main change is access to their Airable “radio” service (TuneIn replacement). It was a shock to me as I was not expecting it. Could this have removed an issue - surely not. I will be believing in conspiracy theories soon.)

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Some servers do not like “online” playlists - AssetUPnP is fine but Serviio for example does not recognise http/https playlists at all let alone attempt to play them.

Some devices seem to be the same - your device clearly recognised the two mp3 stations, i.e. small bandwidth, but then was unable to play them properly. I would be interested in @Stevesky info.

My latest outcome of all stations working suggests AssetUPnP is not the issue and generally it handles playlists with several hundred other stations without issue.

Most interested in your comments about good SQ. This has become obscured by the playing issues but was the driver for the tests initially.

The following is just my own opinion with nothing to back it up…
I would not be surprised that almost all the music they are streaming is at best CD Quality (16/44), and that they are running it through a filter: volume leveling, possible bass / treble bump, and upsamling to say, 24/96 - on the fly.
You may like that effect.

Isn’t that was JB Radio does? Sounds pretty good.

What kind of music do they play?

You could email them at superstereoradiochile@gmail dot com and get the facts.

Pop and rock - all 6 channels.

Hi Paul. How are you getting on sorting the gremlins?
Can’t offer any tech help or advice, but checked both players and their firmware is all current (updated automatically). Maybe that’s a contributing factor?
All stations still playing ok. Channel 6 is back! Good music - world/jazz/popular classical.

Off topic - really impressed with Cesky rozhlas jazz. My taste perfectly and very natural cd quality. A favourite on the favourites!

All channels working OK today. Occasional mini drop-out.
Apparently SuperStereo have been moving building.

Can now play them via Airable as well. All working the same.

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Will post my jazz playlist on the Best Internet radio anyone topic.
Best internet radio anyone? - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community

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I contacted SuperStereo and asked the question about their source material.
This is their response
“Our audio is direct from the original source without processing, the material was extracted from SACD and vinyl recorded in 32/192khz, otherwise it would be like broadcasting in CD quality and having the material in mp3, we are rigorous about that”.