Supertweeter with credos

Hello everybody

I have a pair of credos hooked up to an icon audio valve amp/Linn LP12/ Naim 3.5cdp and Hicap. I’ve been exposed to a pair of Townsend Supertweeters but on very different spkrs ( Full range horns)
Would they work with credos? Any one else experienced these items? Any comments, advice welcome.
Thank you.

Of course they will ‘work’, however, what they will sound like would require a listening test in your own listening room, bearing in mind that you will probably not hear them directly as they are Super Tweeters.


Slightly tangential, but the most interesting super tweeters I’ve ever seen and heard were those Magant plasma things.

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Back in the 1970s it was not uncommon to find speakers with built-in “supertweeters”. My IMF RSPMs had them - so 4 drivers not 3. IIRC they took over from about 15kHz. Those were Celestion HF2000. The other popular one of the day was the Coles 4001. They had responses up to >30kHz.

But the telling thing about 10 -12 years ago (when my hearing was good for my age), one day doing some room tests with REW I noticed one speaker rolled off well before the other. Investigation revealed a failed supertweeter. I replaced it (in fact the pair ).

But what is interesting is that I hadn’t noticed ut had failed. And didn’t notice any difference after fixing!

When I haerd the Magnats, I asked that they be turned off so I could see what they were adding. Unfortunately, perhaps, the way they had then set-up, they had disconnected the regular tweeter as well, so with the Magnats off, the sound was just dull. The plasma orbs definitely contributed frequencies in the audible range, but it was impossible to tell if the >15khz frequencies brought anything to the party. The set-up included one of those massive Goldmund turntables. It was all quite over-the-top.