I was thinking about adding supertweeters to my system. Probably the Townsend ones - others are available - but was wondering about connecting them to my S-400s as the speaker terminals do not allow for connecting with spade connectors. Other possible option is bi-wire from the 250, or something like Mogami which would allow me to connect both using banana plugs. I imagine soldering 2 lengths of NacA5 to a banana would be interesting.
Anyone tried anything like this ?


You could always used stackable banana plugs into the speakers, such as these:


I wasn’t aware of those.


I’d like them if i could hear them :0)

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You would also need some blu tak.

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I know Chris Harris who is often at shows as Theme one records has a pair and really likes them. Not sure how often he is on the forum or his forum id.

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My s600 have a splitter which would work in your case too. One to the ovator, one to the super tweeter. Not sure how good it works with ovators I’m pretty happy with their silky treble.

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:grin: the elephant in the room.

I was thinking of cutting some wooden wedges to go between them but yes copious amounts of blu-tac possibly needed.

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Thanks @Gazza

So, I have options. That’s good to see.

From what I’ve read and on YouTube it’s not just about the high frequency, it helps the lower end as well.

I do like the look of these tho’

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