Superuniti amp quality

New to Naim. Currently Conrad Johnson classic sixty, ET3 pre, Harbeth 30.1.

Just built Klang+Ton NADA Scan
Speak. Not playing well with tubes. Friend just bought Supernait 3, chartwell LS6. Very impressed with the way the naim sounds. I think I’m hooked.

Found a superuniti for about the same price of a new Nait 5si. Was wondering how the amplifier in the nait 5 si 60w compares to the superuniti 80w amp as far as the quality of sound is concerned.

Thank you

Superuniti is better than 5i, quite a bit, not that revealing as a Supernait but will easy run the 30.1.
Make sure the display is clear and set to be turned off shortly.

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What do you mean by “ set to be turned off shortly”.

Settings/front display/auto off=10seconds

The Superuniti is a great amp - it drove our Sonus Faber floorstanders without issue.

The SuperUniti amp is pretty okay but a SuperNait will sound much better.

At this point in time i personally would not invest in a second hand SuperUniti anymore, but perhaps in a second hand SN with a separate streamer (if you need the streaming part).

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As Iain says. The point is that the displays in the old streamers, including the SuperUniti, are prone to early failure if they are left on all the time. So the usual advice is to set them to turn off quickly.

I have read thru several forum topics on the superuniti before posting. Not to beat a dead horse but reading directly from the Naim Superuniti brochure “The Superuniti power amplifier module comes from the Supernait integrated amplifier”. Then some of the Naim literature states things like technology from Supernait ect. Why would Naim make the statement in the brochure that it has a Supernait amp w/ streaming capacity.
Is the decrease in SQ because of having all the signal circuits in the same box with the amp? Is it a power supply issue or is a different amp module with the same wattage.

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Are they referring to the current generation SN? I haven’t read those materials yet.

Squeezing an amp into a box with all those other components is a big compromise. It should come as no surprise that the Supernait is much better than the SU, and that applies to the preamp at least as much as the power amp.
I wouldn’t pay too much attention to references to higher end products, that’s just marketing.

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The Superuniti is a top notch box. I had mine for 3 years without upgrading which is a record for me and an indication as to how satisfying a player it is. I can’t imagine the nait 5si besting it. PS - you’ll need to do some workarounds to get the best out of it so that may be a turn off. Minimserver and Bubble apps to stream FLAC and Tidal respectively.

Talking marketing I remember two statements which made me smile, :upside_down_face:
SuperNait preamp based on Nac 282 tech
Nait 5 tech based on the mighty 500

Just don’t rate it for more than …Marketing
You won’t be getting a Supernait buying a Superuniti.

Thinking back, my Nait 2 did sound a lot like 72/Hi/250 though

Indeed, but all good amps!

Thank you all. I needed to hear from those who owned and listen not sell. The superuniti is half the price of the SN3 but older tech. After reading several other related forums on SN and SU I am taking the plunge down the Naim hole.

It seems hard to beat the SN3 in that $5000 ($4000 naim recond) range. I am so impressed with Naim. Can’t believe that I ignored the Linn Naim equip because of the din connectivity.

Thanks again for taking the time to help convert.



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