SuperUniti and Spotify Supremium?


With all the new rumors going on about the Spotify HiFi Supremium tier, do you think there will be a firmware upgrade for the SuperUniti to support it?


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Same question here.

I sure do hope so.

Probably not frankly.

While the SU is a great product - long time user - it was first made twelve years ago and production ended in 2017. Naim went to great lengths to facilitate Tidal for the first gen streamers - all well documented by Naim staff posted here on the forum, detailing the work involved and the restrictions of the first gen streamers. Search is your friend, to find the relevant thread posts.
There were limitations as to what could be achieved, since the original streamers were designed for local streaming, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz et al either didn’t exist or were in their infancy. Work arounds have been documented here by peps for Qobuz on first gen streamers, same may well apply for any additional Spotify offerings.

I don’t think the legacy platforms can handle such an update.

I can see no reason why a CD quality lossless service wouldn’t work with Spotify Connect as long as their servers are not subject to too much latency.
24 bit? Forget it.

Qobuz never goes beyond 192/24 AFIK.

Yes, but the Superuniti doesn’t support Qobuz.

Yes, I was just talking in the context of “24 bit, forget it”.
I would just be over the moon if Spotify can do 44.1/16, the Spotify AI and music playlist auto-generations are the best!!!

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You have to do a work around for 24 bit lossless Qobuz/Tidal. Running bubblesoft on your network and using a Linn or other control app. I did it for years and the SQ is great.

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I agree, I find Spotify to have the best app of all the major streaming services. Unfortunately it has the worst sound quality, so I’m sticking with Qobuz for now.


I am waiting for that 24bits Spotify service. Just having CD’s quality would be better than mp3.

Any release date confirmed?

Spotify Premium sound really bad in my system compared to Qobuz + Audirvana. Dull, flat, boring. No life. But, their user interface and app + connect is wonderful indeed. Really hope they are getting close to a launch. Will be interesting.

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let’s see! If it is a true lossless streaming, then there is no reason that it can sound bad, right?

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Here’s what i found:

  • Spotify may be planning to launch a new hi-fi subscription tier called Supremium, offering 24-bit lossless audio and other features, for $19,99 euro/month
  • The details of Supremium, including its launch date, have not been confirmed by Spotify, and the company does not comment on speculation.

The date would be october 2023 for Europe. Hope it comes soon to Canada.

Well, I just want lossless. 24bit doesn’t have my interest that much if it costs me more.

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