SuperUniti Blank Display

When I switch on my SuperUniti after not using it for a year the screen is blank, the half moon Naim logo lights for a second or 2 then goes out and when I press the buttons the lights behind illuminate.

Nothing I do, including RTM and playing with the remote, has any effect.

On searching the internet I read that there have been some screen failures in the past. Posters have given NAIM repair times of 6-8 weeks and a cost of £300+, although Class A might be better, so I want to investigate everything else first.

Is this a unit failure or a set up problem? What can I do?

Can someone please advise me on this?

Try a reset.

I guess you need to confirm whether it’s just the screen display is gone, or the whole unit has stopped functioning, can you play anything with it? Insert a sub stick with music on it, will that play?

If nothing, see here:

The logo going out after boot would suggest that the unit is muted?
Touch the logo or press mute on the remote - see if it comes back on.


Regarding the screen, it is likely a screen failure. I think I’m right in saying that Darran at Class A does not repair/service SuperUniti.
You should still be able to control the basic functions via the app.

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Thank you both. I’m now having to go out so apologies for this being rushed.

Alas, the screen is still blank.

I did that reset. The Naim logo is now on full time. Using the controller I selected cd and - wonders - I have sound!

Operating mute works now but didn’t before the reset.

In my searches I couldn’t find that thread copied from. I’ll try again later.

Edit: I had a Quick Look at Class A’s website. I see that, despite the post I saw, as you say their website says they don’t do streaming products. £700+ for a repair - eek!

If it’s just the screen that needs doing, I think it’s worth it, the su is one of the best Naim units in my opinion, great amp etc.
Assuming the £159 plus shipping cost is still accurate, that’s not bad pricing.

Robert, again thanks.

That post you copy from says that Naim would require a service at the same time, raising that to well over £700 with carriage.

I’ll contact Naim, but getting a response may take time due to the Xmas holidays.

I think you can just have the screen done. When it says “service would be charged in addition to this“ just means it’s £159 for the screen, it’s not included as a service or repair but charged separately. It’s not mandatory to have a service as well (though given its likely age, it might be time?)

All return work needs to be booked through a near to you Naim dealer, not with Naim direct.

To confirm what Robert says, I had the screen changed on a SuperUniti a year or so back and it cost about £150 plus the carriage to Naim, which was £30.

My Uniti (1st generation) had the feint dislay issue a few years ago (8 Years approx’) It took about 2 months to get it fixed and cost me £300.00.
I wasn’t aware that it was a known issue at time!?

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Thank you, again.

Say, £230 with carriage sounds reasonable.

I can’t justify to myself having a £569 service - half its value - particularly as the unit has had little use for various reasons.

I still have an older amp that I could use in its place whilst it’s being repaired.

My nearest dealer is a Richer Sounds only a couple of miles away, which gives me an excuse to pop in for a possible late Christmas present.

I didn’t load the app but will try this later. Fingers crossed that I can link without the screen and having done a reset that would presumably have lost my internet connection details.

I have the same issue and here in the Netherlands Latham asks 350 euro for a repair which is way too much I think.

If anyone here knows a cheaper address in the Netherlands please let me know. Belgium is also an option.

I want to have it repaired but 350 euros?

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