Superuniti not streaming 24/96 or 24/192 local FLAC files

I’ve noticed none of my high res files are playing now. QNAP/Asset or Minimserver. Is there a setting I might’ve goofed up?

I can’t think of any way you could have changed a setting that would prevent hires files from playing. At least, not without knowing that you had done something in the settings of both Minimserver and Asset.
If you’re running a 1st generation Naim streamer over WiFi, or on a network that’s otherwise very busy, that might do it, as could a faulty Ethernet cable. Otherwise, it should just work.

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I’m not sure what’s going on. I have a basic setup that’s worked fine for months. Looking at Asset I can’t see any settings that would be giving me grief.

Ubiquiti Amplifi HD–>BJC Cat6a–>Cisco 2960PD–>BJC Cat6A(POE)–>Cisco 2960PD–>BJC Cat 6a (x2)–>QNAP/SU

ok, I think I figured it out. L24 was not selected so I selected it and all is working again.

I’ve no idea what L24 might be but I don’t have it ticked and all high res streams fine. I notice your music is flac. If you set Asset to transcode it should sound nicer.

Thanks, I didn’t realize transcoding helped FLAC files. I’ve been transcoding to WAV my AIF files and they sound quite nice. I’ll give it a try.

I wish I could figure out what happened. None of my high res files were playing until I checked that box. I’m not sure I had it checked before though. So weird.

No L24 set on mine either. Something odd going on there.

Possibly… when you selected L24 and pressed “Apply”, that initiated a restart/reread of its config. Asset may have gotten itself into a weird state and just needed a kick in the behind. I don’t have L24 selected either, default setting is “not” selected I believe.

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Ok, it looks like multiroom was causing my issues. I stay in multiroom most of the day when I’m streaming RP. It appears that when I switch to a UPnP/Asset high res recording it does not play b/c I’m in multiroom. If I disable multiroom it plays fine. Which seems odd b/c when I’m in multiroom listening to RP and switch to JB Radio 2 it plays and disables multiroom automatically.

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Ah, that makes sense. The legacy platform cannot play UPnP high res greater than 48k (I think) in multiroom. Internet radio will always work. I’ve been caught out on this previously and perhaps should have thought of it earlier. You can turn off L24 now. It’s good to have got it sorted.

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Yup, I turned off the L24 option now. Thanks again HH for the dbpoweramp recommendation. It’s much easier to tag files from the finder window network drive using dbpoweramp than from the browser using Bliss.

You’re welcome.

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It turns out one of my high res albums (Gottlieb Wallisch-Mozart in Vienna) is M4A. I’m not sure what file type that is but it doesn’t play. I tried setting the Asset option to stream as WAV and it now it works. Very happy to have that option.

M4A is an Mpeg4 extension which is a file encoded with AAC or Apple Lossless.

So it’s not a high res file? I haven’t used the convert feature of dbp yet. Can I convert this file to FLAC? Would I want to?

Looks Hires to me. :thinking:
WAV is just fine :+1:

It’s a m4a file and doesn’t play unless I transcode to wav. I was just wondering if it would be better to convert it to a different format. Assuming it can be converted.

m4a is a container and in this case appears to contain Hires music. Converting to WAV is absolutely fine.

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The batch converter works well. Give it a go - you’ll be no worse off.

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