Superuniti Not Streaming 24bit Tidal Song

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I am using Superuniti and subscribed Tidal HiFi. I am trying to play 192khz 32 bit song on Superuniti but it’s playing only 44.1khz. Am I missing any settings?

Hi, if you are trying to play anything above 16/44.1 on Tidal, that means it must be MQA, which is not supported by any Naim streamer. When Tidal detects that you’re using a non-MQA device, it automatically sends you a regular 16/44.1 stream instead, so what you are seeing is probably intended behaviour.

Thanks Chris.

Does MQA decoding is better than Naim 16/44.1? I never tried any MQA streamer.


I’ve experimented with MQA a little, and have never found it to sound any better than regular 16/44.1, so when using Tidal I just turned off MQA altogether. Other people may have a different view on this, but that’s what I found.
Now using Qobuz instead and finding that their 24 bit material sounds very good, but getting that to work on a Superuniti would require a little ingenuity.

Chris, how did you do this? Does it simplify the options presented when searching in the Naim app for instance?

I just turned off the ‘Masters’ setting in the Tidal app. I don’t think the Masters setting exists in the Naim app as of course, you can’t use it, so you just select the HiFi level.
One thing that used to annoy me with Tidal was the large number of duplicates or triplicates of albums, with no apparent difference between them. I wonder if some of these were MQA versions, just not labelled as such because Tidal will be sending your non-MQA device a non-MQA stream.

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Thanks Chris…!

Latest version of Naim ND5 XS2 streamer also doesn’t have MQA decoding? In streaming perspective what’s difference in Superuniti and ND5 XS2?

No, the current Naim streamers also don’t support MQA. What they do support is Qobuz, if it’s available in your location, which offers 24 bit material for much of its catalogue. That, to me, does generally sound a bit better than regular 16/44.1 material.
Other differences between new and old streamers include a larger buffer that makes internet streaming more stable, better WiFi, AirPlay and Chromecast support. If you’re thinking of moving on from your SU an ND5XS2 with a matching NaitXS would be nice, or maybe a Nova. (Plus lots more options if you have a bigger budget!)

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