SuperUniti order of playing USB files - how to control?


I have a late period SuperUniti Bluetooth with the latest firmware. When I try to play a folder of FLACs off of a USB stick, it often repeats the first song or jumps around the folder playing tracks in a random order. I suspect it might have to do with the metadata, file names, or some configuration setting. Any tips on how to make the SuperUniti play an album in order reliably?


Dont know if its the same as NDX2, but is there a “server mode” under “other settings” that can be turned on, then you can navigate your drive via the Servers icon, giving you full metadata menus

It isn’t the same and there isn’t a server mode in the SuperUniti. The USB port was designed to work with an iPhone and it’s very uncertain with USB sticks.

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I figured it out. In the lower bottom corner of the USB screen on the player app there is a “random” icon (see attached image). This icon was on by default. I turned it off and now the SuperUniti is playing the folders in correct order


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