Superuniti pre-amp functionality

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i just got some dbm50 active dynaudio speakers and i would like to plug them into a superuniti.
is it possible to use the preamp out function. this is a din output and i would need a din cord with 2 xlr sockets for the speakers. I don’t know if this is achievable.
thank you for the information you can bring me.

Hello, no, you will need to use the power amplifier section of the Superuniti unless you have a separate power amplifier. Good luck.

But these are active speakers, aren’t they? In which case I would have thought that you could use the pre-amp out (but I am not familiar with this amplifier).

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I think this should work okay using the RCA pre-amp outs of the Superuniti. They are labeled as “sub out”, but as far as i know they are normal unbalanced preamplifier outputs that can be connected to active monitors like the dbm50.

I’m sorry I was too quick! I had no idea they were active speakers!

You’ll need custom cables made. You should use the single ended inputs on the DBM50s (RCA Phono). Make sure they are fairly low in capacitance.

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You can use the two sub out phono sockets. Despite their name they are full frequency and the same as the Din output.

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Excellent, thank you

You should use two mono RCA cables, one for each speaker from the sub out (or a DIN split to two RCAs from the pre out socket). The SU has an unbalanced pre out, so connecting it to the balanced XLR input on your powered speakers is not a good idea. Ideally keep the cables as short as possible.

All is ok. Thank you for response👍

You should have no problems as long as you’ve the correct cable. Also if you want you can disable the power amp in the Setup menu under Speakers.

Ok i’ll do that
Thank you

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